Android Pie works like the iPhone X these two ways

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Google The Android Pie era is upon us! Android 9.0, Google's latest system software for Android phones, has already come to several devices, including all Google Pixel phones, the OnePlus 6 and the Essential Phone. Here's how you install Android Pie right now.

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If 2017's Android 8.0 Oreo build was the wallflower update that focused mostly on behind-the-scenes tweaks, then Android 9.0 (better known as Pie) is the brash party animal. And parts of it feel strangely like iOS 11 on the iPhone X.

For example, Android Pie supports a notch design and a suite of navigational gestures, both of which Apple's iPhone X famously popularized. Google wasn't the first to mimic these iPhone behaviors; brands such as OnePlus, LG, Motorola, huawei mate 20 pro antutu score and Samsung galaxy note 9 antutu score Xiaomi have already incorporated one or both. 

Google's support for galaxy a30 antutu score the notch and huawei honor 20 lite antutu bechmark score gesture navigation underscores a priority in the phone industry to make the screen as large as possible, without buttons and galaxy a40 antutu score sensors getting in the way. Android Pie gives appmakers the tools they need to help their apps consistently adapt to phone designs that include the notch or use gesture controls instead of physical or on-screen buttons. Google may lag behind Apple, but embracing both trends will have a major impact for phone owners around the world, 85 percent of whom own Android phones, according to Statista and IDC. But not every phone maker will implement every change, and some may add their own software touches to expand Android Pie's offerings.

Now playing: Watch this: Android P: A slice of 'Pie' 1:19 Android Pie works, but it doesn't work as elegantly as it could. The gesture controls are pretty easy to pick up, especially if you're familiar with how they work on other phones. In some senses, Android Pie's bold new look and features feel like a breath of fresh air. In others, it's a less intuitive entry point that could make it difficult to pick up and use an Android phone for the first time.

As well as notches and gestures, Android Pie adds larger images within notifications, lets you edit screenshots after you take them and uses AI to stretch out battery life. Read on for hands-on impressions and more details on how to start using Android Pie. 
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