Are All cell phones Android phones

no, they are not, only phones who have the android system. For example, apple doesn't have android but most of the htc and samsung phones have android.

Will Android Support Free WiFi Use of Cell Phones Kogan Technologies is coming out with a cell phone based on the Android Platform.. is the era of free cell phone use about to begin?
yes android can be connected to any free (or encrypted) WiFi access point ... kogan agora is not on market ... but there is a lot of other android phones ... HTC HERO, just use google search ...

What cell phones use Android?
Some samples of Android phones are the HTC G1, huawei honor 20 pro antutu score Nexus One,Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a, Samsung Behold II, Motorola Cliq and many more.

What phones support Google talk?
All the Latest Blackberry's, Android Phones, antutu Ranking Nokia Smart Phones

Do all moms have cell phones?
not all moms have cell phones but most moms have cell phones to keep in touch with other

What are the differences with Android phones and regular phones?
The main difference between android phones and basic, or regular phones, is that android phones run the android operating system delivering much more functionality than a traditional phone's operating system. Android phones also generally have much more processing power as they are classified as smartphones.

Does android 17 die?
yes all phones die

How do you update Android?
You wait for the OTA update. Not all Android phones can run all versions of Android, so you may be waiting for something that isn't going to happen if you have an older handset.

What is an android application on mobile phones?
An android app is meant for phones with an android based operating systems. They can be downloaded from the android app Market which is pre-loaded on every android phone

Where can one find free downloads for a cell phone?
Zedge is a website that offers all kinds of free downloads for phones with Android and phones with iOS. If you have an iPhone, your best bet is to just directly seek out downloads in the official iOS App store.

Is it true that all cell phones will need internet?
no not all cell phones need internet

What is an android operating system?
Android is an operating system made by Google for cell phones. It is the operating system of the popular Motorola Droid. It is programmed in the C++ programming language, and is Unix based.

Can android apps work on java phones?
Sadly, no. Android apps cannot work on java phones.

Which companies make cell phones with QWERTY keyboards?
All Cellphone providers carry cellphones with QWERTY keyboards. The most well know makes come from LG all versions , Android, Sony or the Samsung Galaxy A20e Antutu Score Revealed HTC.

Which is newer droid or android?
Droid is an abbreviation for Android. If you are referring to the Cell phone Operating system and phone lines. Android is the Operating system the phones use while a Droid is a Specific brand or line of phone which is also licensed by George Lucas

Is the Android SDK for Droid Phones?
The Android SDK or Standard Development Kit is a tool used by developers to code new Android Applications or apps. These apps are compatible with most or all Android phones depending on which versions of Android the developer chooses support (ex: Android 1.5+, Android 4.0+). If your Motorola Droid phone runs a version of Android supported by the particular application (which it almost always will), the app will install, and run on your phone.

What percentage of college students have cell phones?
It is found to be that about 98% of all college students have cell phones. :)

What are the features of Android phones?
Android operating system mobile phones have successfully been a subject of favoritism amongst mobile-experts and tech-savvy lot. They have gradually started being preferred over ipods and Blackberrys. In fact, these highly multi-tasking phones have received breathtaking response for all across the globe. Not just this, Android Mobile Phones also have features like internet calling, i.e., VoIP/SIP support, portable Wi-Fi hotspot and much more. Browse this section and you would be able to check out some...

How many phones run Android?
There are over 200 million android devices in the world 400,000 are being activated each day There are over 400 different legal Android Phones

Is cell a Android or namekian?
Cell is an android

What is Google Android?
Google Android is an operating system based on unix and java that currently operates cellular phones and is being experimented as a netbook operating system. Today you can find a lot of Android phones reviews on youtube, just search for it... The most important feature of Google Android is that it's an Open Source mobile operating system, meaning that any phone manufacturer can develop mobiles that use it. This has resulted in HTC, LG, Motorola...

What company created Android?
Google originally created Android. Android then created HTC and Samsung phones.

Do all android phones support mp4?
Yes all android phones support mp4 but u have to take care when u convert video file it has to be mobile mp4 not computer mp4 because it takes lot of space and it has bigger video frame that won't fit on mobiles

How do you get internet on your cell phone?
some cell phones not all

Does Android phone supports 3G?
Yes, Android phones support 3G !

Do cell phones change every two years?
New cell phones get released very often, at least every 6 months there are new models released by all cell phones manufacturers.

Are t mobile phones Android?
Not all T-Mobile phones are Android phones, no. There are 10 Android phones that T-Mobile carries galaxy a50 antutu score S 4G T-Mobile G2 with Google T-Mobile myTouch 4G T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide LG Optimus T With Google Motorola CLIQ 2 with MOTOBLUR Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR T-Mobile Comet Motorola CHARM with MOTOBLUR Garmin-Asus Garminfone

How do you transfer music mp3 from cell phone to cell phone?
You can try to use File Expert which have many ways to transfer files between two Android phones. One of the coolest way I think is Quick Connection. That allows you to view files from other phones just on your own phone.

Should cell phones be permitted in school?
I think cell phones should be banned from school. Unless they turn their cell phones off. Many kids today use their cell phones to text or call. More than 72% of that is texting. They text all day long

What is your opinion on use of cell phones in school?
Opinion In my opinion, no; people with cell phones not as advanced or at all may be subject to bullying.

Is the samsung galaxy a50 antutu a good cell phone?
Way advanced than Apple though. Unless you want those Android phones for a cheap price, it's fine and up to you.

Do cell phones cause schizophrenia?
No, not at all.

Do third graders have a cell phones?
They can, but not all do.

Do you need an internet plan for an android phone?
Well it depends on what phone company ur with, but mostly all the phone companies have android phones that u need to take internet plan with.

What is the difference between Windows phones and Android phones?
The most distinctive difference between a Windows phone and an Android phone is the operating system they each run on. A Windows phone runs on a Windows Operating System, while an Android phone runs on an Android Operating System.

Is Android a product?
No, Android is an operating system for mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. It's what runs the software on a phone, like Windows on pc's or OS X on Macs. It was written by Google and used by many phone makers for their phones. Technically, it is a product; in the sense that the phone makers license it from Google, but end consumers like you and me don't buy it.

What mean by Android phone?
Android is an operating system for mobile phones by Google. You can check it in google android page. Or find it in my link

What make of phone is Android phone?
Android isn't a specific phone, but the operating system that runs on many different phones. Android phones are produced by many well-known companies, huawei nova 4 antutu such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, and more.

Do Android phones play music?
Yes, Android Phones can play music they are loaded with music players which can play music files for you and still if you don't have any music player over your Android device you can always download them from the stores.

Who created Android phones?
Google. Inc.

Can you use bbm on Android phones?
No bbm is just for blackberry but you can get PingChat which Blackberry, iPhone and android can get

Can you talk and text at the same time on Android phones?
Yes, talking and texting on the Android is possible.

Is there real gold in a cell phone?
there is gold in some cell phones but not all

Is cell a Android?
Considering that you are talking about Smartphone devices, I would say every device is a Android

Mobile phones are ac or DC device?
All the cell phones are working in DC only

What stores sell Singular cell phones?
There are a number of stores that sell Singular cell phones. Companies such as phones for you, carphone warehouse, att, tmobile and orange all sell products of this nature.

What are the disadvantages of electronics?
Cell Phones are killing all our insects. And What is happening with us with all these Micro waves beeming down on us? From satelites and from our cell phones. Please help humannity.

Can you get Android with AT and T?
Yes, but at this instant they only have the Motorola backflip as an android. New android phones are expected in the first or seconde week of june.

What is an Android device?
An Android device is a device which runs Android software. Phones that run Android are much more customizable than Windows Phones or Apple's iPhones (running on iOS) Android is Open Source, which means there are many devices that can run Android, as opposed to Apple, which only allows iPhones to use their iOS. Overall, Android is comparable to a "Jailbroken iPhone" because it is much more customizable.

Who owns android?
As of 2011, Google owns android, but Linux built the Operating System. Like all Linux OSs, Android is an open source program; meaning that it is free and you can intall in onto anything as far as it goes for phones and even iphones.

What phones can you get apps on?
iphone, huawei 4e antutu benchmark blackberry, t-mobile g1, and soon, other Android phones

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