Has Qualcomm Stadium always been named Qualcomm

No, it used to be named Jack Murphy Stadium. It got named Qualcomm when they put up some money to pay for an expansion to the stadium.

What bowl game is played at Qualcomm Stadium?
The Poinsettia Bowl has been played at Qualcomm Stadium since 2005. Navy defeated Colorado State 51-30 in the inaugural Poinsettia Bowl and Texas Christian University defeated Northern Illinois 37-7 in the 2006 game.

Are the New York Giants building a new stadium?
It has been completed. The New York Giants began playing in their new stadium in 2010. It was originally named New Meadowlands Stadium, Galaxy s8 plus specs but is now MetLife Stadium.

What was Aston villa's old stadium called?
It has always been Villa Park

Has Candlestick Park always been called by that name?
No. At times it has been renamed for corporate sponsors. As a result, the stadium has been known as 3Com Park and Monster Park.

What was the original name for the Internet?
the internet has always been named the internet by darpa

What did Indianapolis used to be called?
Indianapolis, huawei p30 lite specs Indiana has always been named Indianapolis.

Has the Super Bowl always been played in a domed stadium?
No. As of the start of the 2007 season, galaxy a8s specs m10 antutu 10 of the 41 Super Bowls have been played in domed stadiums.

What is the name of Michigan wolverines stadium?
The name of their stadium is Michigan Stadium but is commonly referred as "The Big House". this stadiums dedication game was against Ohio State in 1927. Most people wanted to name it after Fielding H. Yost, but Yost Field house had already been named after him.

How did New York Jets get their name?
When he bought the team in 1963 David "Sonny" Werblin wanted to personify the Jet Age, so he named what had been the NY Titans the Jets. The popular claim that they were named Jets from the jets that regularly fly over Shea stadium is wrong - the Jets didn't play at Shea Stadium until 1964.

Who was Michelangelo named after?
Michelangelo has always been a common name in Italy, meaning Michael the angel.

Who created the samurai class?
There have always been warriors the Samurai case was just named not made

Why do you have 12 months in a year and it has always been 12 month in a year?
i think they just named it that

What are facts about the ravens?
They were named after Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven. There are no real Ravens in Baltimore expect at the zoo. They are using the old Colts band. Their stadium is only been used 11 seasons (1998-2009) but had had three name's: Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards, PSI Net Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium. M&T Bank Stadium is their 2rd Baltimore stadium, they used Memorial Stadium from in 1996 and 1997. They have several old...

Where is college football's Cotton Bowl played?
The Cotton Bowl has been played at the stadium in Dallas, Texas named the Cotton Bowl since 1937. However, in 2010, the game will move to the new stadium being built for the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas.

When was Australia named a continent?
Australia has always been a continent. Even when it was a part of Gondwanaland, it was part of a continent.

What was the name of the buffalo bills before they were named the buffalo bills?
They have always been called the Buffalo Bills!

What was the candy sprees original name?
The candy spree has always been named spree, nothing else :)

Who named mount snowden?
WE do not know it has always been called that - it also has a welsh name "Yr Wyddfa".

When was Skype made and was there a different name for it?
It was officially released 29th August 2003 and no it has always been named Skype.

Is there a guy named Dylan Cusher in the world?
Yes and he has brown hair, hazelnut eyes, and has a girlfriend named Chelsea Finley:):):)3 he has been with her for a very long time and he will always be with her

Where did the Dallas Cowboys first come from?
The Cowboys have always been in the Dallas area since they joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960. They have played their home games in Dallas (the Cotton Bowl), Irving (Texas Stadium) and Arlington (Cowboys Stadium).

What year did California have the Super Bowl in their state?
The first Super Bowl was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum in January 1967. It also was the site of Super Bowl VII in 1974. Since then, there have been Super Bowls played in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena (1977, 1980, 1983, 1987 and 1993), Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto (1985) and Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego (1988, 1998 and 2003). There has been talk that a 12th California Super Bowl will be played...

What caused major league baseball player Edie Grant to have a street named after him near what was to become the location of Yankee Stadium?
To honor Eddie Grant a street in the Bronx was named after him. Grant had been the first major league player to die in World War 1.

How many newts have been relocated near the Olympics stadium?
about 2000 newts have been located at the londen olmypic stadium

What year did the geeenbay packers change their name?
The team has always been the Packers, named for the Indian Packing Company, an original sponsor.

Is or was New York ever part of New England?
New York has always been part of New England. It is named from Yorkshire, England.

What was the Ottawa Senator's first name?
Since they began play in the 1992-93 season, the team has always been named the Ottawa Senators.

How many home runs have been hit out of Yankee Stadium?
There has never been a home run hit out of Yankee Stadium, old or new.

What is the 3rd oldest stadium in major league baseball now that Yankee Stadium is gone?
Dodger Stadium is. It has been open since 1962.

When was the second stadium called for the Cardinals?
The second stadium Name was Busch Stadium renamed from Sportsman's Park, the second stadium Building was called Busch Memorial Stadium. All 3 stadiums have been called Busch Stadium at some point.

In your life to date who has inspired you and why?
A boy named oliver who has been a good friend of mine since we were 4 he has always been there for me and now we have left schools i still hold him responsible for making me, me x

Did Barack Obama change his first from something else to Barack name at some point in his life?
No. His father named him Barack. He has always been Barack

When did Red Sox start?
The current Boston Red Sox were formed in 1901, originally named the Boston Americans. They have always been located in Boston.

Has Madagascar always been called Madagascar?
In 1502, the island was named Madagascar by the Portuguese, after the island of the same name originally reported by Marco Polo.

What was the name of Las Vegas before this name?
Las Vegas has always been Las Vegas, the city was named by Mormon missionaries in the 1840's.

What year was Death Valley Stadium built?
The "Death Valley" stadium was built in 1941-1942. The stadium has been expanded many times since then.

How many Super Bowls have been played in Miami?
5 times to the super bowl bowlbowl Through Super Bowl XLII, there have been 9 Super Bowls played in Miami. 1) Super Bowl XLI - Dolphin Stadium 2) Super Bowl XXXIII - Pro Player Stadium 3) Super Bowls XXIX, XXIII - Joe Robbie Stadium 4) Super Bowls XIII, X, V, III, II - Orange Bowl Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, and Dolphin Stadium are all names that have been used for the same stadium...

What was named after Caroline Chisholm?
A primary, high and catholic school have been named after Caroline Chisholm. Also a Hospital and nursing home have been named after her. And a center has been named after her.

When was Bronco Stadium built?
The Bronco Stadium was built in Boise, Idaho in the year 1969. The stadium opened the following year, 1970. The stadium has since then been expanded. It is owned by Boise State University.

What was Jamestown called before it was named Jamestown?
It's always been known as Jamestown - in honor of King James I of England. website

What micro-organism causes Tetanus?
Tetanus is called by a bacteria named Clostridium tetani. This has been called at times "lockjaw". You should always be vaccinated for this.

How many Green Bay Packers players were from Notre Dame?
There have been at least 12 players to have been drafted to the Green Bay Packers, not to mention the ones who have walked on or were traded to The Pack. Did you forget Curly Lambeau? The Packers' Stadium is named after one plus 6T specs of the greatest Notre Dame players in history.

Which Spanish soccer stadium is the oldest?
The oldest Spanish soccer stadium is El Molinon stadium, home of Sporting Gijon. It's been in use since 1908.

A street car named HTC Desire 19+ specs What does Stella believe to be the truth about Blanche?
In 'A Streetcar Named Desire,'Stella believes that although Blanche may have lied about things that happened in her past, she has always been honest about how she felt. Stella thinks that is what matters.

Who is the tenant of Hristo Botev Stadium?
Botev Vratsa has been the tenants of Hristo Botev Stadium since 1948.

Was green day once called green jelly?
NO!!!Green Day was always Green Day.... Green Day as we know it today has always been Green Day, but Billie Joe and Mike were in a band named Sweet Children.

Are Liverpool fc going to get a new stadium?
There has been talk of a new stadium for years now, but there have been no official construction deals or moves going on. If they do move in the future, it will not be soon.

Has Justin Bieber been confirmed as a catholic?
When he was younger, he attended a French immersion school named Jeanne Suave Catholic School, but he has always told the media that he was a Christian.

How loud is Aloha Stadium?
ive been to this stadium many times. aloha stadium can get very loud when reaching full capacity at 50,000. from 45,000-40,000 it is still loud

What happened to the old Yankee Stadium?
It has been demolished.

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