How do you activate voice command on the Nokia c3

There is no Voice command for Nokia C3, as Nokia has not yet installed this feature.

Does the nokia c3 have voice command?
yea i think it does

Which 1 is better Nokia 5322 or C3 Nokia?
Nokia C3 is better then the 5322 nokia.

Is Nokia c3 is better or Nokia x3?
Yes Nokia C3 is Better Then other Nokia Mobiles

Can you jailbreak a Nokia c3?
Can U JailBreak a Nokia C3-00

How do you reprogram Nokia c3-00?
how to reprogram of nokia c3-00

Does Skype works on Nokia C3?
No, you cannot get Skype on the Nokia C3-00

Is nokia c3 better than iPhone 3g?
In my opinion Nokia C3 will be better.

Does nokia c3 charge via usb?
The C3-00 won't but the C3-01 will.

How do you unlock your Nokia c3?
You can unlock your Nokia c3 mobile phone by using an unlock code.You can get this code from at reasonable price.

What do you need to import my photos of my nokia c3 mobile to my computer?
Dear sir, How Much Price ''QR'' of Nokia C3 Mobile ..?

How to delete previous call history in nokia c3-01?
If I remove the battery of my nokia c3-01 will I lose my call history.

Need restriction code for Nokia C3-00?
I need restriction code for my nokia c3 i buy this phone i can't use.....

How do you get Facebook chat in Nokia c3?
Nokia c3's do not have a facebook chat but they do have facebook. Try a blackberry crve 8520 its great and they have a facebook chat.

Price of nokia 5800 in Saudi riyals?
what is the price of nokia c3 in Saudi Arabia

Do all nokia c3 have WiFi?
YES! :)

Does nokia c3 keyboard light up?
No it does not.

Is Nokia C3 a touch screen phone?
no it is not

Is whatsapp supported on nokia c2-02?
No, Xiaomi CC9e specs the WhatsApp cannot be used on the Nokia C2-02. The only Nokia phones that it is compatible with are the C3-00, C3-01, X2-01, X3-02, X3-02.5, and some of the Nokia Asha phones.

How do you unlock Nokia c3-01?
If you want to unlock your Nokia C3-01 mobile phone from the network lock,you can get network unlock code from at reasonable price.

How thin is the Nokia c3?
Almost half an inch.

How much is a Nokia c3?
99$ with unlimited facebook

How much does the nokia c3 cost?
it costs P1400

How can you download blackberry messenger to a nokia c3?
no you can't

Does nokia c3 have check in on facebook?
however oiraess

Where can you buy Nokia c3 cases?
cristal peaks

What is better nokia c3 or lg c300 and does lg c300 have wireless internet?
lg c300 c3 is rubbish

What card do you use to refill a nokia c3 go phone?
There are only certain cards you use to refill a nokia c3. You can go to a local store and buy refill cards to fit your benefits.

How do you charge your nokia c3 from your laptop?
Using the datacable it can be charged..

Is the Nokia C3 an Android phone?
I don't think so

Is there wifi in c3 nokia phone?
yes there is wifi on the c3 but its either in the go to menu or on the home menu one or the other

Can whatsapp work on Nokia C3-00?
I need to code for nokia c3, turn up in Albania but I can not be used due to amuneni code you help to write the address emaill rensi.rock @ please

Does Nokia BH 505 Works With Nokia C3?
yes it does with every phone having bluetooth and remote control functionality :)

Need restriction code for Nokia c3?
You can get restriction code for your Nokia C3 mobile phone from at reasonable price.Here they ask you to specify the country name,current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.

What is better iPhone or Nokia c3?
iphone because they are easyer to use

Can you change your nokia c3 original casing?
yes very easy

How do you charge nokia c3 using usb cable?
Unfortunately you can't.

How much is nokia c3 in nigeria?
I think is 17,000 naira only

Is Nokia c3 is popular?
Nokia introduced its latest handset to fall in the category of affordable handsets. The Nokia C3 has a host of messaging and huawei y9 2019 galaxy note 8 specs social networking options. The best deals that come with the handset are easy and inexpensive, like accessibility to internet and Xiaomi CC9e specs to be able to work in Wi-Fi. The dedicated Nokia Messaging application helps you to manage your mails from up to 10 different accounts. The Nokia C3 is on the compact side of...

What is the best nokia phone for a simple lifestyle?
Reccomend you nokia c3-00 with full keybord, chat, huawei p30 galaxy a70 specs internet, mp3 player,wi-fi, not sure for the camera or huawei honor 10 specs nokia c3-01 with normal keys and touch screen with wi-fi, ovi store, internet, chat. Hope to be useful!

How do you upload pictures to facebook from nokia c3?
open facebook click photo

Which video format works in Nokia C3?

Is the Nokia C3 a good phone?
Yes! It's a very good phone!

When will Nokia c3 launch in India?
3rd week of august it has been announced

Why is Pokemon Red black and white in nokia C3?
Because Pokemon is BEAST

Why the nokia c3 does not connect to ad-hoc network?
change to s2

How do you install offline dictionary in your nokia C3-00?
go to mobile9

Is nokia c3 is better or samsung monte s5620?
Yes ... It is much better.

Does Nokia C3 have wifi?
yes it has wifi :) iv got one my self

How do you download themes for nokia c3?
give me bradley staven perry num

When did Nokia C3 the phone came out?
it came out on 22 2010 at 00:00

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