How do you make an Android account

There is no such thing as an Android account.

You need to create a Google Account for use certain services on Android such as Android Market

How can you make an fantage account on an android?
You can only make Fantage accounts on a computer or a laptop.

How do you remove my gmail account in android from my PC?
You cannot remove your gmail account in android from PC. To remove it from android, huawei mate 20 rs porche desing specs you need Android only. In settings of android, you can delete it.

How can you get an an account for android market?
market android com/account then sign into your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, sign up at mail google com Once signed in: There are three possible reasons why an Android device might be missing from your list of devices on the Android Market website: You're not logged in with the primary Google account associated with your device. You haven't accessed Android Market from your device recently. Your device is running Android...

How do you post a comment in android market?
First log in to your Google+ account. Then just make your comment.

How do you transfer an itunes account to an android account?
i dont think you can cause apple and android are not linked together

How do you associate Android phones to the Android website?
There is no Android Website to be associated with, as such. However, you can link your Android device with your Google Account, enabling synchronisation between your device and the account. This can be done via your device's settings.

How do you delete your zoosk account on your android?
To delete your Zoosk account on an android, you have to log into your account from a computer. Once logged in, click on the Deactivate Account link. Choose Edit next to the Account Status and click on Deactivate.

How do you make a new storm 8 account with the droid 2?
Unfortunately storm 8 accounts cannot be created with android 2.2 (froyo). Storm8 needs to patch this up. I have a droid 2 and im having the same issue. You can downgrade to android 2.1 then create an account then upgrade to android 2.2 but that seems too much work.....

Can a Android download Nook books?
If you have the Nook app on your Android and sign in to your account, youcan download books onto the Android.

Why sign in problems with MS Office 365 on Android?
There could be various reasons. Make sure your account is correct and that your password is too.

I lost my phone android and i had my Clash of Clans account on it am i able to recover it Im on ios now?
You can recover your clash of clans account by using another Android device.

How do you connect a Android tablet to android market account?
>settings>accounts>add account>type info (has to be google account)>should be able to go through google play, also can download apps from website

How do you find sync settings for Android?
To obtain your sync settings for Android, you will have to sign in to your Google Apps account.

How do you change account settings on app trailers android?
Apparently you just press the settings button for whatever android device you are using and it brings up the "Settings" or "Preferences" option. What I can figure out for the life of me is why when I downloaded the app for the first time, it didn't let me make a new account. Some previous account that had been suspended was already active, Galaxy a10 specs and I can't change it or create a new account... using the settings...

How do you reset crime city on android?
Transfer your account to another android phone and it wil start a new game

How do you submit Android apps to the Android market?
1. To start with make sure you have properly prepared,tested and compiled your app according to the Android Developers Guide. 2. Next thing you are going to require is a Developer profile on the Android Market which you can register over Google. 3. Upon registering Google Developers account you need to pay $25 registration fee, which is one time fee required for all the developers registering their account. 4. Agree with the Terms and Conditions...

How do you pay for android apps?
When paying an Android App, you use your Google Checkout. Google Checkout uses your credit card or bank account to charge you the cost of your purchase. It is normally linked to your Google Account.

How can you link your Android phone to your google mail account?
You go to your google search then put in the account and then enjoy

How do you associate an android with a Google account?
I dont know you find out!

How do you get an Android phone to come up as a devise in the Android Market?
After you activate a phone (by logging in with your Google account) , it is automatically recognized in the Market.

How do you transfer pics from your android to your mac?
you use cable usb, or you upload pic on account on insternet, when you use android or mac, you can get your pics.

How do you make samsung a40s antutu Monte android?
No, for now you cannot make Samsung Galaxy a30 specs Monte run on android operating system. But i have heard that people are trying hard to run android on it. But you can always make your Monte desktop look like android based by installing an android mod in it.

How does the android app store work?
I am answering your question by assuming you are trying to ask How does Android App store download apps over your device, so what happens is you must be having a gmail account which is used over the Google PlayStore, when you tap over any app you want to download its associated with your Gmail account. And by the time if you some how remove the app it still stays at your history over the...

Do i need a google account to set up my Android phone?
No, but it is recommended.

Could the Android phone make calls?
All phones can make calls including Android.

How do you remove a Gmail account from your Android phone without deleting the Gmail account?
You can remove a google account easily. It can be done in settings and then accounts. You can select the google account and then delete it.

How do you open a locked htc with a gmail account?
htc generally uses android ,now if tour android is below version 5 thn you can open locked htc with your gmail account ,u just have to select option fogot password on screen ,it will ask u your gmail account and password ,after u enter it the forgotten pattern or password will be sent to your gmail account but this feature isnt available in android Realme 5 Antutu , u can just do hard reset after switchting it...

How do you upload apps?
To the apple app store you need a Mac computer and an iOS device, and I believe c++ is the computer language. For android you need to know java, have a decent compiler, and the android sdk. Once you have those just make an account with the respective store and submit your hard work.

Is the HTC an android?
HTC is a company, not a device. Most of HTC's newer phones are Android-based, using their own variation of the software known as Sense. It is often seen to be a more well-rounded version of the Android operating system while providing all of the benefits of the Android platform (including apps, account synchronisation and open source). Check the HTC website to make sure that the device you are looking at is Android, as they also...

How do i set up a second email and password on android?
You can set up a second email and password on android, by simply going to settings, and select add account.

What is rooted android?
A rooted Android is a OS in which all the super user permission are granted to you, you can make anything out of rooted Android.

I am logged on my Facebook account on my dads android and I need to know how do you logout of Facebook Mobile?
To logout of Facebook Mobile on Android you need to roll to the sign out option, then click on it.

How do you create an ifunny account on your Android?
Figure it put I don't have time to answer your questions and galaxy a50 specs your welcome

Can you get a Gmail account on your cell phone?
Yes, you can easily link a Gmail account to your phone if your phone is an android. You can also check your Gmail account on any cell phone with mobile web.

Can Android phones get viruses?
p margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; a:link On account of phones, to date we have not seen malware that recreate itself like a PC infection can, and particularly on Android this does not exist, so in fact there are no Android infections. Be that as it may, there are numerous different sorts of Android malware.

Is cherry mobile w6i is a Android phone?
how make android the cherry mobile W6i

Will they make Smurfs' Village for android?
yes they already have you can download it from the android market

Do you pay monthly for apps on the android or is it a one time fee?
The principle behind the Android Market App payment system is similar to the system in place with the iTunes Store. You pay once for the App, and it is linked to your google account. You can re-download it as long as you are connected to your Google Account.

How you can have Google account to your Android?
Easy. Goto accounts and click add. It will give you a Gmail option.

Unable to download any apps from the android market place?
To download apps from the android market you must... Have a google account signed in and working have a working internet connnection have space on your phone

Why cant you have access to your google account on your android?
Android devices completely provide access to Gmail. The play store provides the Gmail app for use. You could be facing in entering your details.

How can you make a genio touch an android phone?
By the looks of things you can't because it isn't powerful enough. You could have a look at the XDA developers website. They make android work on allot if different android phones

How can you make a Video Call on Skype using your Android phone?
You can Download the Skype Android App!

How do you make video call from android mobile?
There are different applications that you can find on the Google Play. My favorite is Google Hangout (note that you must have a Google Plus account if you want to use it). With Hangout, you can make up to 8 video calls at the same time. It is possible to make a Hangout with your computer.

How do you make Google your homepage on your android?
The way you make Google on your homepage on your Android phone will depend upon the device you are using. You should be able to go into your settings to make the changes.

How do you make Nokia s60v5 into android?
yaar download vhome from some site it has console, android etc.

How do you put money onto Android tablet?
go to your google account for your device and enter your credit card into it

Please help i have two tablets a ipad and a android i would like to make the android into a keyboard for samsung a40s antutu my ipad so my ipad is the screen and my android is the keyboard is this possible?
It's not possible to put an ipad and an android together.

How do you get rid of a gmail account on Android tablate?
You have to delete the account from the settings or the apps. If you want to delete all accounts, delete the data involved with gmail. If only one plus 6T specs account, the from Google accounts, select delete.

How can I make a copy of my Android contacts to my sd memory card?
You can make a copy of your Android contacts to your SD memory card using the phone's file manager.

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