Is Sony G lens better than Carl Zeiss lens

Nope. Sony G lens are good, but Sony offers Carl Zeiss lens only in their premium models. That ought to give you your answer.

Which is better a 8point1 megapixel sony digital camera with a carl zeiss lens Or b 10 megapixel Samsung digital camera with a Samsung lens?
I would go with the 10 mp Samsug, because it's better quality. However I have a camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and it's very good. Bottom line they're both great quality but I would go with the second one.

Why is the Carl Zeiss lens used in mobiles What is its significance?
Mobile camera and phones, mostly sony, use Carl Zeiss lenses because he is a famous lens designer. Carl Zeiss makes some of the highest end lenses for professional cameras and his work and meticulous level of detail carries over to the smaller cameras even though they are less personal and a lot less expensive. They are just Zeiss designed and not manufactured. Overall though in a day where glass is more important than your megapixels...

Which is better Sony cyber-shot dsc-s730 to the Sony cyber-shot dsc-w55?
the W series is better than the S series. The lens used in the W series is a Carl Zeiss lens and is a better quality lens made of glass as aposed to composite materials, allowing more light to pass through. Also, the build quality on the DSCW55 is better than the S730. If you have any other questions, let me know. I am in Sales for Sony of Canada.

Who is carl zeiss?
Carl Zeiss (11 September 1816 - 3 December 1888) was an optician commonly known for the company he founded. Zeiss made contributions to lens manufacturing that have aided the modern production of lenses.

How do you find the age of a zeiss lens by the serial number?
You can find the age of a Zeiss lens by the serial number by sending an email to the Carl Zeiss customer service team. By providing them with the serial number, galaxy a10 specs they can look up the exact month and year of manufacture.

Who make better high index progressive lens Essilor or vivo y3 huawei 4e antutu benchmark Zeiss?
Zeiss, quality product at reasonable price

Carl Zeiss spectacle lens approximate price in India?
Approximately in the range 4800-10,000 Rupees

What did Carl Zeiss have to do with microscopes?
Zeiss was active in improving the design and manufacture of microscopes, in advancing the theory of lenses and in creating new types of lens glasses. For more about him you might see his wikipedia article.

What is the most current model of Sony HVR?
The most current model of the Sony HVR is the V1U 3CMOS 1080p HDV Camcorder BStock. It features; 2 XLR inputs, 3.5" LCD (211K) and a 0.44" EVF (252K), 20x Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens, and 6 Assignable Buttons.

What features come on a Song Z1U?
The Sony Z1U is a high definition camcorder. Some of its features include a Carl Zeiss 12X optical zoom lens, the Super Steadyshot System and a rechargeable lithium battery. With the Z1U, one has the option to record in 1080i, 720p or 720i.

How do you switch on the Nokia carl zeiss?
you cant "switch on" a lens. it already works. if you get blurry photos, they are probably not focused properly or needs servicing at a nokia care centre

Are sony minidv cameras compatible with imovie mac?
Hello everyone, I just have to tell the SONY fans that their MiniDV camcorders are compatible with the MAC Imovie. I have always loved the SONY Carl Zeiss lens, it is one of the best out there and it really makes a difference, Sony also has the legendary Nightshot option, which now other camcorder can match. I wanted to share this information because I could not find any information about the Compatibility of Sony camcorders...

How do you pronounce lens maker zeiss?
Phonetically it sounds like 'zice' (as in ice). However, since the German 'Z' sounds phonetically as 'ts' does, the precise pronunciation is 'tsice' along with 'kar-el' for Carl.

Are Carl Zeiss lenses good quality?
Absolutely! For years they were the "Gold Standard" of German lens makers and are used extensively on the Hasselblad and Leica brands of cameras, considered by many professionals to be the cream of camera makers.

Which lens should you buy for your Sony alfa 350?
This depends on what you want to use it for. For family and holiday snapshots, the 18-70mm that it comes with is perfectly adequate. If you are interested in taking it seriously, then you can by a better quality lens. The two types of lens are telephoto (zoom) and prime (fixed focal length). The advantage of a prime is that it generally has a far better quality than a zoom, and wider apertures can be...

What is better optoin to buy pd170 or galaxy a30 specs pd177 sony video camera?
zoom reang lens

Who are some digital camera lens manufacturers?
Zeiss, Tamron, and Olympus are some examples.

What is the cost of a Zeiss scope?
Zeiss scopes can cost anywhere from $400-$4000 dollars. Cost is dependent on the lens in the scope and other extra features such as hunting turrets and being waterproof.

Will canon 35mm lens fit a Sony dslr?
Unfortunately, it will not. CANON and SONY have different lens mounting brackets.

Does Sony or Nikon make better cameras?
Both of them produce great cameras, but Nikon and Canon have a better accessory and lens product line, and they are more famous.

Where can one find information about Sony lens?
One could find information about a Sony lens online on various websites. The most recommended websites are 'Digicamshop' and of course the website 'Sony'.

Will a nikon f mount fit a nikon d70 camera?
Yes, it will fit. However, you will still need to see if the lens you have has or does not have features like autofocus or CPU connectors that will carry all the info that your camera needs... If it is a Nikon Lens it will work fine. So will others like Sigma, Tamron and Tokina. Carl Zeiss may not give you all the functions but will work in manual mode.

Which DSLR brand is better Nikon or Sony?
It all depends what you are planning on shooting. Nikon is better in some areas and Sony is better in others. The lens that you use is also highly important. It does not do much to have an expensive camera with a cheap piece of glass. Great place to get unbiased opinions is: website

Are zeiss rifle scopes good?
Zeiss Rifle Scopes are definitely good rifle scopes. They have excellent features and innovative design. The Zeiss Rifle Scopes are high-dimensional lens system, lightweight and coated multi-layer. In technical specification, they have the widest field view, neutral colors, robustness and preciseness. These riflescopes are available in the Victory, Classic and Duralyt categories. These zeiss rifle are absolutely amazing scopes.

Is there any specific cleanser you should use to clean your Sony camera lens?
There is not a specific cleanser that you need to use on your sony camera lens. You can use any that is made to clean camera lens' As long as they say that they are camera lens safe and that is what they were made for then you can use it!

What is the optical zoom of the Sony dslr a33?
That depends on the lens that is mounted on the Sony A33 DSLR.

What lens is used in a camera?
Lens is use to increase picture clearity, high speed auto focus. I think it depends on manufacturer. For example Sony use Sony G lens technology with Exmor CMOS sensor in digital cameras.

What does Nokia n8 has?
Nokia n8 has a 12 megapixel Carl zeiss lens with 720p HD video recording, has video call feature (on iPhone is known as face time). is a smartphone and has lots of apps. comes with free ovi maps navigation in all languages for free. has an fx app which lets you make Hollywood like movies.

Can you add a lens to a Sony dsc h300 camera?
No, this is a point & shoot camera and there is no lens mount. The lens is fixed on the camera and cannot be removed.

Compare Crizal lens to anti reflective coating?
I had the exact same question. I found this thread from 2009 helpful: website

Can a Sony camera lens be used with cameras made by other manufacturers?
It is not recommended to use a different model camera lens on a camera. Camera's and accessories such as camera lens are made by manufacturers to support their own products. Use of an sony camera lens on a differen model camera may void the warranty.

Does Sony company sell Nikon camera lens?
Sony does not sell Nikon camera lenses, you can different websites like Amazon, Ebay or the official Nikon website. The price will vary depending on the type of lens you are looking for.

Does any dslr use minolta autofocus lens?
Yes, the SONY ALPHA series of DSLRs have the MINOLTA mount. When Sony took over the Minolta business line, they continued the proprietary MINOLTA lens mount and the Minolta flash shoe, which are unique- that is, ONLY A MINOLTA OR SONY LENS OR FLASH WILL FIT A SONY ALPHA camera. There might be some drawbacks, however. Depending on the focal length, year of production, number of electronic contacts, and type of Minolta AF lens (check...

What kind of Sony lenses does Camera Labs recommend?
Camera Labs recommends a different lens depending on what type of pictures one is taking. The Sony Alpha lens should be used for general purpose pictures and low lighting photography. The recommend a telephoto lens for sports and a macro lens for close up photography. One when is taking pictures of landscapes or big objects they should use a wile-ablge lens.

What is a contact lens?
it is a lens that will help u see threw better and see better

What brand of dslr is better?
If you want great quality video then Canon is the way to go, while Nikon is also coming out with great video improvements, but it costs a lot. Sony on other hand has great cameras with excellent technology, but Sony cameras do not have a wide range of lens to choose from. It all depends on what you need.

What phone has the best camera?
The Nokia 808 Pureview. (released early 2012) -41 megapixel lens with pureview technology - Its a 5 yr in the making lens by carl zeiss that's why it has a hump on its back. You can't sacrifice hardware for software. - Even its audio has a mic stereo HAAC technology (high amplitude audio capture). - The only con is the OS which is the last symbian by Nokia. - Voted as the most advanced camera...

How do you flash the sony w 910i?
it is simple open the lens cover and press the side button

What are the release dates for SGNL by Sony - 2010 QX100 Lens Style Camera Gets a Teardown Just in Time for Shipping?
SGNL by Sony - 2010 QX100 Lens Style Camera Gets a Teardown Just in Time for Shipping was released on: USA: 26 September 2013

What is the best all-round lens for a Sony a37 camera?
Sony Alpha SLT camera has a built-in image stabilization unlike canon or nikon. So any lenses will do as far as your photo concern. Personally for my a37, I use sony SAL 50mm f1.8 for portrait and 18-250mm tamron for all purpose use. These two lens are cheap enough to tempt you to buy.

What is the price range for Sony camera lenses?
The ranging price for a sony camera lens is between two hundred and fifty, and seven to eight hundred dollars. They can be expensive, but they're worth it.

Why Sony Vaio operating system vista not reading cds?
Very slim chance of it being the operating system. Try using a CD Lens cleaner, there might be dirt or dust on the lens.

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3... I am looking at a Canon Soft Focus Lens - 135 mm - F2.8 - Canon EF. Would that be a good lens to get for my camera?
It's a nice lens IF you primarily shoot studio portraits. A soft focus lens makes photos that are just a slight bit out of focus - which is great for portraiture because it allows you to deemphasize blemishes, galaxy m10 antutu a30 huawei p30 specs small wrinkles and other natural flaws without using a ton of corrective makeup on your subject. If you just shoot portraits every once in a while you'd be better off with a soft-focus filter like a Zeiss...

What are the pros and cons of the 500mm Prime Telephoto Lens by KELDA?
^ I bought a lens of eBay from this website: Now I have a Sony a3500 and don't know all that much about photography. I can't find a review on it so can someone tell me at least a bit about it. Also, at the same time how far would a 500mm lens zoom and is f8 quick enough to take shots of surfers/cricketers

Where can one purchase a sony alpha lens?
Sony Alpha lenses are specialty lenses for cameras. These lenses can be found at Sony's online store or through retailers that cater to professional photographers such as CameraLabs and PhotoZone.

Where can you find the best deal for a Sony DSLR camera?
Best Buy has the best deal for the Sony DSLR camera with a sale at 599.99. That is just for the body and lens. They also have a package deal starting at 645.98.

Where can you purchase a good quality camera lens in London?
If you want to buy a good quality camera lens in London I suggest you check out LCE London Camera Exchange.London Camera Exchange sells many different types of camera lens such as Sony, Tamron, and Pantax.

What kind of camera is Sony A100?
The Sony A100 was the first digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) produced by Sony. The camera uses a 10.2 megapixel APS-C size CCD sensor. Another feature is the automatic vibrating CCD to remove dust.

What is better for focusing sunlight?
A convex lens is better for focusing sunlight

Are bigger lenses better?
Better in the sense that you have a larger image and see an object farther away than a smaller lens. A bigger lens is not necessarily better -- it is more expansive, harder to polish, harder to maintain or mount. Need to be more careful with any temperature gradient across the lens. You choose a lens that is good enough to do the job, but not necessarily choosing the best.

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