Is there an apple called an Indonesian Apple

There are no Indonesian Apple, the most popular apple in Indonesia is Manalagi Apple (apple from the region of Malang, East Java - Indonesia)

What is the inside of an apple called?
The Inside Of An Apple Is Called A Core, huawei honor 20 pro antutu score It Is Not Called The Meat Of The Apple

What is a dried apple called?
Dried apple is called just that: dried apple.

Is there an apple called envi apple?
There are apples that have different names like gala and ENVI! yes there is an apple called Envi apple

Why is an apple grouchy?
there is a kind of apple called a crab apple

Why was the Apple Company called 'Apple'?
because they like 'apple' more than 'orange'

Who were the makers of apple computers?
apple thats why they are called apple computers

What was the first apple computer called?
"The Apple Personal Computer Kit" or huawei 4e antutu benchmark simply "the Apple" After the Apple II came out it was referred to as the Apple I

what did the boy apple say to the girl apple?
Rumor has it that the boy apple called the girl apple "fresh".

What is a center of an apple called?
The center of an apple is called the core.

What is apple called in marathi?
In Marathi, huawei honor 20 antutu score apple is called 'safarchand'

Can an apple snail eat an apple?
Apple snails are not called apple snails because they eat apples. They are called Apple Snails because of their size. True apple snails (Pomacea canaliculata) can grow up to 5" in Dia. Nontheless Apple Snails can eat apples.

Why the new york called a big apple?
its called the big apple because its a big city and its state fruit is an apple

What is the center of an apple called?
The core of the apple

What is the middle of an apple called?
an apple core.

What is a seed of apple called?
an apple pip

What is a skinned apple called?
Apple with no skin

What do you called a center of an apple?
an apple core?

Name of the 1st apple computer?
The first apple computer was called the Apple 1.

What was the apple computer called before it got the name?
It has always been called Apple. The very first computer they built was called the Apple 1.

Why was the forbidden fruit called an apple?
It wasn't called an apple in the bible. It was just "the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and huawei mate 20 pro antutu score evil." It was called an apple because the Latin word for apple "Malus" also means evil, people thought that meant that the forbidden/evil fruit was an apple.

What was the old name of Apple Inc?
Apple Inc. was previously called Apple Computer, Inc.

What is the apple collection?
it is called a apple ochard collector

Is there an apple called Washington apple?
no there isn't i unsure

Which apple was called the hawkeye apple?
red delicious

What is the name of a multi colored apple?
I think what you mean is a red orange and yellow apple. This type of apple would be called a Gala apple.

Who created the apple pad?
apple invented the apple ipad. the person who invented it was called Steve jobs.

What is genetically modified apple?
An apple called Arctic Apple has been genetically modified to be non-browning.

Which state is sometimes called the apple isle?
Which state is sometimes called The Apple Isle?

Why evita called minnesota itself mini-apple?
I heard it was because NY is the big apple, then Minneapolis (mini-apple) is the small NY.

What is it called when you mix champagne and apple juice?
apple mimosa?

What was the name of the third apple computer?
It was called the Apple 3.

Name the center of an apple?
The centre of an apple is called the core.

Is the apple istick real?
Apple does not have a product called iStick.

What are baby apple trees called?
Baby Apple Trees

What services does the Indonesian company ibox offer?
iBox is an Apple Premium Reseller, based in Indonesia. They are the only authorised Apple Training Centre in the country, and carry a wide range of accessories, essentials and software.

What year was the second apple computer made?
The second Apple computer, called Apple II, was made in 1977.

When did Apple made their very first computer?
The first Apple computer, called Apple 1, was made in 1976.

Why is America actually called The big apple for?
America is not called the big apple, New York City is called that.

When did mac become apple?
Apple never was Mac and is still Apple Computer company. The original computer was called an Apple computer and the company became Apple. Later they made the Macintosh model computer

What is the best sort of apple?
The most tasty apple is called the "pink lady". They are very sweet, and juicy. Another good apples is called the "Fuji" this apple has more juice A good juicing apple is called the "Brayburn", they are very soft, and yucky to eat! :)

What was the original model of the apple computer?
It was simply called the Apple 1.

What is apple coral?
Apple Coral is actually a sponge called melithae.

Which fruit is called the apple for the poor?
Guva is known as "Apple of Poor"

What vegetable is called the apple of poor?
I think there is no such word as apple of poor

What is an apple coated in?
The black market item is called a Golden Apple.

What do you call the middle of an apple?
The core. The middle of an apple is called the core.

What food was once called the love-apple?
That would be the tomato. :]

What is a person called who grows apple trees?
An apple tree grower

What is half an apple and pear called?
half an apple and pear obviously!

What was the first apple computer built?
it was simply called the Apple 1.

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