Leica rewards the faithful with the M10 (hands-on)

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody"> The successor to the Leica M (Typ 240), Leica makes its M series even M-ier with the M10.

Unlike the recent M-D, the update in which Leica stripped almost every digital convenience from its full-frame rangefinder, samsung galaxy s10 specs Leica targets photography purists. It does so by removing selected low-priority capabilities, simplifying its operation and updating the design, as well as making improvements where needed or Antutu Top Ranking where the fans have demanded. So, for example, while the M10 lacks video, Leica adds Wi-Fi. And where it moved the drive modes off the top, the continuous shooting speed increases to 5 frames per second and galaxy a20 specs with doubled buffer size of 2GB, can burst a decent number of images, even in raw + JPEG.

And I got to spend a few days with a preproduction unit. But you'll be able to pick the M10 up for $6,595 starting this week. I don't have UK or Galaxy a10 Specs Australian pricing, but that converts to roughly £5,320 and AU$8,720.
21.09.2019 20:40:42
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