PUBG Mobile 0 8 0 Will Come With New Feature, New HD Map And A New Cars

According to an inspection, it has been proven that millions of Android mobile users love to spend their time playing an online game on your mobiles and desktops. So, game apps on mobile have been developing at a far larger rate than any other technology. In today's savvy world, Android and iPhone games hit a new height of achievement every year. Various multiplayer online games such as Racers Vs Cops, Badminton league, crazy racing, and Terraria came for Android, iPhone, and desktops which is highly treasured by kids and youth.

Byrums raukar, Herräng, SwedenIn March of this year, PUGB corporation launched player Unknown's battlegrounds- is a multiplayer batter royale online game for both Android and iOS. This online game comes with a lot of features with this help the user feel natural on mobile devices. Almost online games need a code for playing with other player but there is no special invite code want at launch in PUBG. Automatic upgrade looting, Samsung galaxy s9 specs s9 plus specs automatic sprinting, galaxy a40s specs bots, log in blouses and huawei honor 20 pro specs honor 10 lite antutu benchmark other features make this PUBG game more popular among the game lovers. According to android headlines, the reputation of this game has reached 3.1 million from its 1.7 million from androids. According to the data, it is moreover revealed that 30 % of PUBG mobile US player are women. So, it can be said that not only men but also women are mad for this amazing and creativity full online game.

Seeing its recognition, the new version PUBG 0.8.0 will be launched till end September which adds a bunch of new and advanced features to ensure better user skill. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royal game where many players parachute onto the battlefield and they get there many weapons and vehicles and win the match by killing all players. It is predictable that new 0.8.0 will come with new maps, stick, vehicles and huawei y9 2019 specs other improvements which can increase its popularity and download. In this article, galaxy a40s specs we are going to tell you about the coming new features and improvements of PUBG modernize version 0.8.0.

Let's take a view on the features and update version game-

New Map: Sonhok

PUBG 0.8.0 version will come with a new map that called sonhok. It is based on forests of South East Asia with this help, players can see the way easily. Sonhok is one-quarter of other maps in a game because it is 4.4 x 4.4 km in area. It will come with the capacity to air dropped the 100 players in the standard mode of a game which would add spice things into the game and make it more interesting among players.

New Weapon: QBZ

Beta version of 0.8.0 PUBG game will approach with a new bludgeon a new assault rifle QBZ which uses 5.56 mm shells and will be a proxy of Scar-L.

New Vehicles

Beta version of PUBG 0.8.0 will introduce with two vehicles that called UAZ and Muscle car. These vehicles are big in size and are wonderful for both covering and transport purposes.

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