The Nexus S Handset Released On O2 By Google

The name Google is not one you would normally asociate with mobile phones, however there dominance in areas such as internet, e mails and such like mean they are positioned perfectly to produce a phone with great synchronisation to such features. So with the help of mobile phone giants Samsung they have released the Nexus S, a phone that has every right to compete with the heavyweight of the phone world like Apple and HTC.

One area where this new handset particularly impresses is with its multi media features. An internal storage of 16Gb is buikt in to this phone, plenty for those looking to utilise all areas of this phone. There is however no expandable memory slot, so keep an eye on how much of the 16GB you have remaining. Music playback is impressive, the phone always allows you to have control over the volume. The music player is easy to operate and supports cover art which looks great on the high quality screen. A headphone socket means you have a practically limitless choice of headphone to use with the phone, whereas if you wish to use the phones own loudspeaker, huawei honor 20 pro antutu benchmark mate 20 pro antutu score this also offers reasonable quality. The main camera of the two fitted on ths phone can capture superb quality on images thanks to a 5 mega pixel sensor. Aided by a touch to focus facility and an LED flash, the camera not only makes taking a snap easy, but does so with good results. A second front camera is also located on the unit, which despite being much lower quality does enable video calling as well as being a handy tool for a quick self portrait. Video wise the Nexus S does offer a good quality WVGA resolution, which despite not quite being HD, does give a good standard of film.

If you were to rate the Google Nexus S in the looks department then it would certainly score top marks. It is hard to picture a more aesthetically pleasing phone, with the large 4 inch screen merging effortlessly into the modern curved edges and finished off with a glossy black panel, that despite being plastic seem to match perfectly. A plus side of the decision to use plastic rather than a metallic material is that the overall weight has been kept down to a featherweight 129 grammes. When you switch the phone on, the 480 x 800 Super AMOLED display kicks into life and is full of colour, and the unit is equally as impressive when you lock the phone. What happens in this instance is the screen reduces to a thin white line and Samsung galaxy a20e antutu score note 9 antutu score then to a dot, much like old fashioned televisions. Although this serves no practical use, huawei 4e antutu benchmark it is evidence of another neat touch that makes this model so appealing.

If you are a fan of Android, or you are looking at your first such device, galaxy a50 antutu score the Google Nexus S offers a blend of style and functionality that make it the perfect handset for huawei 4e antutu benchmark most users.

The Google Nexus S and the LG Optimus 7 are available now.
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