This is what Microsoft's first Nokia-less Lumia looks like

-text c-gray-1" >If we're honest, Microsoft's RM-1090 doesn't look like a device that's destined to pop up on future trivia quizzes. Yet, when you're asked "Which smartphone was galaxy a20e antutu score the first to carry Galaxy a10 antutu score Microsoft's huawei mate rs antutu score PC game to enjoy branding?" it's this slab that you'll have to remember. The dual-SIM handset has popped up at both the FCC and its Chinese equivalent, packing a 5-inch qHD display and 3G-only radios, so it's clearly a low-budget device. Still, the vertical stripe running down the back is just as we'd expected, although it's still surprising to see the Microsoft logo beneath the earpiece instead of good ol' Nokia. Since the handset has now popped up at the regulators, we can expect it to hit stores sooner rather than later, if you're looking for a piece of technology history, at least.
18.08.2019 19:36:47
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