Verizon's new unlimited plans get price cut

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Verizon's unlimited plans are getting cheaper. 

Decorating easter gingerbread cookiesAngela Lang/CNET As 5G continues to expand, Verizon's unlimited plans are getting an update. On Friday, the nation's largest carrier announced that it would be doing away with its current Go, Above and Beyond unlimited plans in favor of four replacements: Galaxy a50 specs an entry-level Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited and high-end Get More Unlimited. The plans become available on Monday. 

All four plans offer a $5 discount compared with their equivalent earlier plans. Start (which replaces Go) starts at $70 for a single line; Play More and Do More (which replace Above as the middle plan) both start at $80 for a single line; while Get More (which replaces Above) starts at $90. The Go, Above and Beyond plans cost $75, $85 and $95, respectively. You can see a full unlimited pricing breakdown here.

The $5 discount carries through the more lines you add to your account, huawei p30 specs so an account with four Go lines paying $160 per month today would pay $140 if they updated to the Start plan, assuming in both cases bills were paid using AutoPay. Taxes and fees on all plans are not included. 

The effective price cut marks a surprising turn, given that the wireless carriers have been relatively quiet on the pricing and discount front, especially as everyone awaits the final approval of T-Mobile's deal to acquire Sprint. Meanwhile, Verizon on Thursday posted second-quarter results that saw better-than-expected subscriber growth.

Girl decorating easter gingerbread cookiesNow playing: Watch this: 5G means more than just fast downloads to your phone 4:09 The new plans offer consumers one option more than they had before -- even at the risk that the different configurations could cause confusion. You'll need to closely examine the finer points of each plan to figure out which one is right for you. As with earlier Verizon plans, you can mix and match service depending on what each line of your account needs. For example, you could have two Start plans, Galaxy s8 plus Samsung Galax a40 specs one Play More and one Get More. 

The option for 5G will cost $10 more a month on every plan, although Verizon is holding a limited promotion to waive the fee for its Play More, Do More and Get More plans. 

There is no end date for when this "limited time offer" might expire, but Angie Klein, Verizon's vice president of marketing, tells CNET that those who take advantage of this promotion and purchase a 5G device today will be able to keep 5G access at no additional charge. 

Verizon is also adding new discounts for having five lines or more on all four new plans, allowing for an additional $5 discount on top of the four-line price. Five lines on Start would be $150 under the new structure, as opposed to $200 if all five were on a Go plan. 

While more competitive on price, Verizon still isn't as affordable as some of its rivals. At a starting price of $70 for a single line with unlimited data, Verizon's new Start plan is in line with the cheapest single-line unlimited plan offered by rival AT&T, however, galaxy a50 specs it is still $10 pricier than T-Mobile and Sprint's respective entry-level plans.  

Decorating easter gingerbread cookiesThe same breakdown is true when comparing each carrier's respective step-up middle plans, with Verizon matching AT&T's higher-end plan price for Galaxy s9 plus HTC Desire 19+ specs a single line (AT&T only has two versions of unlimited) while still being $10 pricier than T-Mobile or Sprint's middle options. 
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