What camera is more popular a digital camera or a old camera

Digital Camera!

What is the difference between digital camera from old camera?
You need to expand your question a bit more. Are you asking about the differences between digital vs. film? That question is being answered in other threads. OR.... Are you asking if you can convert a film camera to digital? The answer to that is yes, sometimes. Personally I would not recommend it, just go buy a digital camera.

What do you prefer old camera or digital camera?
I prefer film cameras to digital cameras. The pictures look better.

What did the digital camera replace?
The digital camera has replaced the old tradition where photographs were just pasted on a cardboard and kept for cherishing the memories

How old is Steven Sasson?
Steven Sasson is 60 years old.To find out more go to who invented the digital camera.

What kind of digital camera should you use for a Minolta SLR lens?
You would have to use a Minolta SLR digital camera with a Minolta lens. However, don't automatically assume an old Minolta lens will work on a digital camera. You need to determine whether the digital camera accepts interchangeable lenses and whether it accepts the specific Minolta SLR lens and Galaxy a10 specs mount you have. There is no real generic answer to this question.

A present for a thirteen year old girl?
Maybe a Digital Camera, a Laptop, an iPod.

How do you load old photographs to a computer?
You use a digital scanner to record the pictures as digital picture files for a computer....OR.... a picture of each picture taken with a digital camera.... its easy to do.

How more pictures does a digital camera take than a old camera?
Well, my "old" Pentax K1000 will take a maximum of 36 images on a roll of 35mm film. A half-frame 35 mm (no longer manufactured) will do 72 to a roll. My Pentax K10D digital will put a maximum of about 600 on a 4 GB SD card at the highest resolution, and well over 4000 at lowest. As far as which makes the better images, that's a matter of the brain behind the camera...

Why is the Canon Powershot A710 unavailable from major camera sellers?
Canon a710 is a bit old digital camera that's why you could not find it in stock. Besides, I recommend you to see amazon and galaxy m30 antutu benchmark ritz camera.

What is a good Christmas gift for a 17 year old?
digital camera cell phone laptop 50 dollars

What are my cheapest options besides repair or replacement when my old Sony 8mm camera has terrible playback and I would like to watch my old 8mm home movies?
Your best bet, vivo y3 antutu long-term, is to find someone with an Digital-8mm camera. Take all of your 8 mm films and convert them to digital. Burn them onto DVDs and you will have them for life!

What are the parts on a digital camera?
Whether an old-fashioned camera or digital, some camera parts remain the same. For example, cameras have a battery, a lens (some with lens caps), a zoom feature, a counter for how many photos have been taken (or, how many are left), a wrist strap, and sometimes a camera case. Digital cameras also have viewing screen to review a photo instantly, and a memory card that stores photos. It also needs a USB cord to attach...

Technical description of a digital camera?
A digital camera is a device which is nothing at all but a camera with no need to use film rolls and thus no need to develop the pictures. It can have connectivity via USB which is useful to transfer pics and vids to your PC. All photos and videos are in digital format stored on memory cards and not like the old traditional film strips. If you are a frequent photographer,this comes in handy...

What current digital camera is the equivalent to the old Nikon N2020 SLR camera?
As for the sensor size... its a full frame camera! so it has a great dynamic range. But other features as af system, galaxy m30 antutu benchmark shutter speeds, e.t.c it cant be compared to any digital camera of the last two decades..I have my father's n2020 with nikkor 1.8 and i sometimes use it just for fun and its still great. Film is always mesmerizing..

For a 5 year old child in UK What is the best digital camera?
For a five yr old child um if they really need one one of those plastic ones!

Is an old digital camera as good as a new one?
It rather depends on the age of the camera, one plus 6 Xiaomi CC9e specs and whether it still takes pictures that are acceptable. As with most devices, improvements are being added to each new model, and huawei p20 lite specs a new camera may prove a worthwhile investment.

Can you use a camera with a cracked LCD?
A digital camera can still work even if the monitor (lcd/tft) is broken, but in that case you would always have to connect it to a laptop or PC to be able to see what you have stored on the memmory card. a second question could be" is it whise to let the monitor be replaced by a new one? In most cases the answer is No simply because digital cameras have become cheaper. Nowadays...

Do old SLR camera lenses fit new Canon digital cameras?
It depends on how old. Canon EF lenses made since 1987 for Canon EOS bodies will fit the new Canon EOS digital bodies. The older FD lenses (before 1987) will not fit Canon EOS bodies, film or digital.

What does camera mean in English?
According to website it comes from a Late Latin word for "room". So, Latin (and probably Spanish as well) "camera" = English "room". If you're wondering the connection to the modern "camera" (as in digital camera, photographs, etc.), it comes from "Camera obscura" (Latin for "dark room"), an old sort of camera. website

How is your modern day camera better than the older camera?
well this depends on if your referring to Film Cameras as the old cameras or if your referring to older Digital Cameras the difference between Film and Digital cameras is that with Digital Cameras your able to have the image processed immediately after shooting and can have it viewed on an LCD Display meaning you waist less money waisting Film or having to buy Chemicals, another upper hand with using Digital is that you can...

Digital cameras facts?
Digital cameras are fun and convenient, and offer the instant gratification we all got from the old Polaroid cameras. And you can have digital photos printed at any camera store, one hour photo place or even at Target, and have real prints you can give all your friends. OTOH...if the picture you are taking is going to wind up on the side of a 24-foot utility van, using a digital camera will lead to you...

What is the difference of an old camera and the new camera?
You will need to provide more information. There are thousands of types of "old" cameras (and perhaps several differing definitions of "old"), and as many "new" cameras, so you need to narrow the parameters of the question. Be more specific.

Which digital camera is good for a 6 yr old?
i recommend canon a560 or canon a650, because its really very easu to use them:) and they both have great photo quality, great zoom and mp options a560 price is more affordable than a650

Can old Yashica Dental Eye film cameras be converted to digital cameras?
Wish it were true- the Dental Eye was a great camera for intra-oral photography. Sadly, no.

Is canon rebel slr or dslr?
Both. Depends on how old the camera is. DSLR is just a digital version of an SLR (single-lens reflex), which are the cameras with removable lenses.

Will an old-style flash still work on a Nikon digital camera hot shoe that has I-TTL?
Generally yes, but there are exceptions. It depends on the specific flash.

Where do you use the digital camera on Nabooti Island?
You take photos for Zeke, the safari operator. When you give him enough good pictures, he will reward you with his old hardhat (use at the Diamond Mine).

What to get a twelve year old boy for an annaversary gift?
Something he is into-computer game, digital camera, minutes phone, CD's, tickets for a concert. Make it something he will find "cool".

In a DSLR camera is it possible to view the image you are going to take on the LCD screen or only through the viewfinder?
yes for both digital compacts and slrs - i use both methods of viewing depending on circumstances - using the lcd is great for shots that are at weird angles or if you need to hold the camera very high or low - the viewfinder i find is best for fast action shots that need to be panned or tracked - since i started with old style film cameras i tend to use the view...

How do you hook up a security camera to a computer so it will record instead of a vcr?
Follow the instructions that came with the camera. You will need special software, and you may not be able to use the same camera, as it produces an analog signal for the VCR and you need a digital signal. Be aware that digital recordings take up a LOT of disc space. Generally you will get better results overall if you use the VCR. Surveillance cameras are one area where old technology is better than new.

Is a camera a input or an output?
Both, depending upon it use. An analog camera (like an old Polaroid) is strictly an output device only. However the new digital cameras can act as motion detectors and other types of security related devices with the ability to programmaticly interact with its environment - in this regard the camera is both an input device as well as an output device. Added: Additionally, any camera with a digital format can act effectively as an input...

What can you do with a film camera now that you have a digital one?
Take artistic old-school pics of you and ur camera. :) Answer I recommend selling it to someone who still uses film. To me digital is "throwaway" photography. I recently bought a digital camera, and I use it for exactly one thing: taking pictures of worn-out trailer tires because if I e-mail a picture of a worn-out tire to my company's service department before I go in for a new tire, I get approval for the...

Are non digital cameras still worth using?
Of course, these cameras give you natural vintage look of the picture + the image looks more natural and realistic when you use film cameras. I know many people still preferring old leicas using film to capture images. I think every photographer keeps his old camera or plans to get one.

Why was the camera developed?
A camera was developed to help people keep memories of there life. Including visiting family, friends, old school mates, siblings, old school teachers, holidays and many more!!

How do you load pictures from video camera to your computer?
is your camera Digital if its from 1998 or older it is probly a hi 8 you can buy a rca to usb i recomend firewire connection for anything video unless its just old videos of the kids don't buy the expensive bundles they sell in big box stores go to new egg or microcenter newegg.com or microcenter.com Also some video cards have digital tuners for tv

Can a Mamia Sekor 35mm camera be converted to digital?
Sorry, no analouge camera can be made into digital cause very different techniques being utalized. Some older lenses can be used on moder DSLR´s though, Pentax (+ thrid party for Pentax) are awesome at this. In fact if you got a bunch of Pentax compatible old 42mm screw lenses your on your way so to speak cause of all adapters out there.

Which of these is an old fashioned camera?
what was the name of the old fashioned camera?

What are some good Christmas gifts for 13-year old boy?
Playstation 3 Ipod Touch Laptop, not a mini one! Let him/her have a Facebook. Ipad Digital Camera Itunes Gift Card, $30 or more. Iphone, but on Verizon, not AT&T CD's That is all I can think of, and take it from me, I am Thirteen!

Why doesnt the 4gb memory card work in your digital camera?
It's likely that your 4GB card is an "SDHC" card, and your camera is an older camera that was designed before the SDHC format came out. Although SDHC cards look exactly like standard SD cards, they are not. If your camera is a few years old, only SD cards of 2GB or less (standard SD cards) will work with your camera. But hang onto that 4GB card. One day you'll have a newer camera that...

Does Polaroid still make cameras?
Yes Polaroid still makes cameras however they differ from their old film models. In fact, the cameras that they make currently are strictly digital. With 75 years of experience, today the company produces extremely competitive and high quality digital camera products.

How is a modern camera different from old camera?
The early camera used glass plates coated with chemicals to make a picture. The glass plate was slipped into the camera and a cover on the lens was removed this made a negative picture as the light hit the coated glass. The glass was taken out of the camera and used to make a picture. Most of the glass plates were recycled for use in windows and green houses so many of the early photos...

Why does a camera have a convex lens?
A convex lens bows outward like the outside of a bowl. A concave lens bows inward like the inside of a bowl. If your camera has a telephoto zoom lens it would have both types maybe 3, 4 or more. These convex, concave lenses are used to focus an image either on to film in the old type camera, or a light-sensitive sensor in a digital camera. The purpose of focusing the image is to...

What should you get your 15 year old daughter for Christmas?
A new camera, cell phone, or a gift card to a popular clothing store such as TNA, Coach, or Hollister.

Where do you get a hard hat on nabooti island?
You get one by completing the Safari with Big Zeke. If you get all 7 pictures for him, he will give you his old hardhat. *To get the camera, go to Kaya Forests first, and look inthe palm tree by the second hut. There is a gold nugget there. Swap it at Nabooti for a digital camera. (see related question)

What is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera?
Film camera's use the old film canisters and have to be developed (taken to the store). Digital cameras use memory to store the images, and can be uploaded to your computer/ipod/etc. Digital camera: Points of light are detected and each point (called a pixel) is assigned a value representing color and intensity. The collection of pixels is saved to some kind of electronic media, flash card, magnetic disk, optical disk or maybe something entirely different...

How do I download pictures from my old Sony camera after losing my usb cable?
Most mini-B (Mini USB cables will work, but you can normally get a replacement for any digital camera at any electronics or camera store. The other option is to use the Memory Stick and a memory card reader to view/download the images. In fact, it's recommended that you don't hook up and download directly from the camera anyway, but from the Memory Stick itself from a card reader.

Where do you get a camera on back lot island?
After you talk to the owner at the Talent Agency, go to the far right, to the closed studio, and talk to Harvey Scoops, who wants you to get some pictures looking down into the studio. He gives you a camera, but it is not digital and needs film. Go to the far left and an old guy gives you some in front of the Wax Museum. Load it into the camera. Go back and...

What is a computer in put device?
Computer input devices are those devices by means of which real word information is captured digitally. Examples include:- * a keyboard * a mouse * a card reader (old technology) * a paper tape reader (old technology) * a scanner * a microphone (and sound card) * a digital camera * a bar code reader * an range of electronic detectors (eg temperature) with analogue to digital capability.

Will a digital phone work with analog service?
No a digital only phone will not work with analog service, but there are analog/digital phones, I don't know if these are still offered but they were very popular because during the transition from analog to digital, digital coverage was not as good as analog so when you had no digital service it would switch to analog. so the only way to have analog service is if the phone is dual analog/digital or if you...

What are some differences between digital photography and film photography?
Pros of digital cameras digital images can be seen immediately after taking the picture through the small monitor on the back of a camera digital film (cards, storage devices) can be re-used almost indefinitely, so you do not have to continually buy more cards to take more pictures digital cameras can handle a wider range of lighting conditions than film handles digital cards can generally hold more images than a roll of film digital information...

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