What is a phone android

There's nothing named "phone android" rather the correct term would be "Android Phone" anyway an Android phone can be said as a device running Android as an Operating System.

Is the GT540 a Android phone?
Yes the GT540 is a android phone. it is the new android 2.1 phone from LG.

Who owns the Android phone?
There is no phone known as 'the android' the actual OS is known as android.

What is an Android phone?
A type of phone with the Android operating system.

Is the Samsung Galaxy mini an android phone?
It is an android phone.

Is Samsung Wave Y an android phone?
Yes. It is an Android phone allowing your smartphone to have the android market and so on. This phone is a great phone so come on and try it!

Can a blackberry phone do everything that an Android phone can do?
Even though the Blackberry and huawei p30 antutu score Android are both smart phones, one major difference between Blackberry and Android is, an Android system is touch screen enabled. A Blackberry phone is not. So, no, a Blackberry can not do everything an Android phone can.

What is Android phone?
its every phone with operating system Android from Google

How do you update an android phone?
Android device usually updates itself automatically but you can also check for the updates manually by using the Check for Updates button over the Settings>About Phone.

Is a Samsung Genio Touch an android phone?
No it isn't a android phone

Does lg optimus gt540 have android market?
It's an android phone. Which includes android market lol. Every android phone includes market :]

What does android 2.2 mean for a phone?
Android 2.2, Froyo, is a version of the android OS. When shown on a phone, it means that you are currently using android 2.2.

Is the Samsung vibrant an android phone?
Yes, the Samsung Vibrant is an Android phone.

Is the HTC Hero an Android phone?
Yes, the HTC Hero is an Android phone.

What is the Android phone robot?
Tthe android phone robot is a operating system.

How to increase the bandwidth on an Android phone-?
You cannot increase the bandwidth on an Android phone.

Which phones are Android devices?
Any phone classified as a smart phone, that runs the android OS, is considered an android device.

Which phone is better-Android or Droid?
Android is not phone ... Android is mobile operating system from Google Android operating system is inside Motorola Droid phone, HTC Desire , Samsung Galaxy S, ...

Which is great windows phone or Android phone?
most of android mobiles are in samsung.the best android mobile is samsung galaxy s2.

Is the htc hd 2 Android phone?
Yes its an android and congrats for the phone its the best..

Is ATT incite an Android phone?
It's a windows phone rather than Android.

What was the first phone launched by android?
HTC Dream was the first phone launched by Android

What is the difference between a droid and an Android phone?
Generally the droid is a series of phones (droid, droid 2, galaxy a60 huawei nova 4 antutu score droid 3, and so on) that run on the Android Operating System. But Android is the operating system. So I guess the answer is that a droid is a phone series, and android phone is any phone that runs on the android operating system.

What do you mean by android in a mobile phone?
it is an android

What's better a smart phone or a Android phone?
Some people think that a smart phone is better than an Android phone. Some people think that Android phones are better than smart phones.

Can you download the android market if you dont have an Android phone?
If you did, your phone will crash like Android powered phones do. Just warning after failed attempts.

How do you download android os?
Sorry, Android OS was embedded in the phone itself. Althrough you can flash another ROM of the Android, you can't ( it's almost impossible ) to install Android in an un-native android phone.

What is the difference between Windows phones and Android phones?
The most distinctive difference between a Windows phone and realme huawei nova 3i antutu rating an Android phone is the operating system they each run on. A Windows phone runs on a Windows Operating System, while an Android phone runs on an Android Operating System.

How do you send music from an Android phone to another Android phone?
Using your phone's bluetooth connection.

Is Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos GT-C3312 an Android phone?
No, it is not an Android phone.

What does jailbreaking do to an android?
You can't jailbreak an Android smart phone but, you can root an Android device. Basically when you root an Android smart phone or tablet you can copy your app files and get custom ROM.

Is the g1 an Android?
Yes. The G1 is an android phone.

Is Samsung b3410 an android?
No, Antutu Ranking this phone isn't an android

Who made the first Android phone?
Android.... And HTC

Is Nokia E63 is android phone?
Dear thanks a lot for your ask. No brother so far I know Nokia e63 is not an android phone. And Nokia did not use Android in their phone still now.

How much is a g1 t moblie Android phone?
You can find your app (paid or free) on Android Market which is available in your Android phone... Android phones are cheaper than iPhone ... that's for sure ...

What is android cellphone?
An Android Cellphone Is a Phone That Runs The Google Android Operating System.

Is LG GD510 android?
no it is not. it's a java phone...i am using this phone for 2 years...it's not android.

Is a windows phone a android?
No. A window's phone has a different operating system and motherboard than the android phones do.

Is Nokia Asha 210 an Android phone?
The Nokia Asha is not an Android phone, and it uses proprietary software.

Is it ok if you root your Android phone again and again?
No, it is not advisable to root your Android phone over and over.

Do we need to buy a new android one phone to experience android l will it comes on the already buyes andtmroid phones?
Yes, we need to buy a new android one phone to experience android

Is the samsung s5560 an android?
This phone have no android and its also not Symbian

What is an activity on android?
Activity is just an screen on your android phone .

Is there spyware on your Android phone?
Yes, android devices can have Spywares !

How do you recover data?
To get data back from android phone, Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is a very good choice.

Can you download android apps on the PC and then put them onto the phone via PC?
yes but your phone must have android

What is the best android phone on the market?
The best Android phone on the market right now is the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Will Instagram work on a lg 840g phone?
This model is NOT an Android phone, so you can`t add Android apps to it.

Can inactive android phone work as camera?
yes... For example, if you have a wifi network, you can enable wifi on the android phone and then upload photos from the phone. Also, I have not really tried it, but OFF topic, with wifi you can make a phone call on your android phone even if per say you are no longer with the cell phone provider

Is Nokia Lumia 610 an Android phone?
No. The Nokia Lumia 610 does not run the Android OS. The phone currently runs Windows Phone 7.5

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