What is better an Android or iPhone


What phone is better android or iPhone?
iPhone is always going to be better

Is an iPhone better than an android?
IPhone 5 has WAY BETTER quality in video footage and pictures. Android however lacks appearance and awesomeness!!! Get an iPhone 5 if you can!

Is the BBM on iPhone better than BBM on Android?
No an android will always beat out an iPhone. Hands down and always.

What is better - an android or iPhone?
Right now the iPhone is much better than the Android. It has tons of appps and faster Internet speeds and can do everything better than the Android (accept for maliciously dangerous customizations). AND iPhone is getting a software update in the fall (iOS 5 with iCloud) which will make it even better than the Android. I had to improvise this answer a little.

Which phone do you think is better - the iPhone or the Android?
I would say iPhone becuz the Android crashes a lot and trust me my friend had it. The Android may look cooler (not) but the iPhone is better and doesn't mess up anything helped thank you hope this helped :) I had to improvise a little.

What is better blackberry iPhone or android?
Android is the best because it has the most apps and the best.

Is the iPhone better than the Google android?
Hard to say ... you know, Apple iPhone, that's a a lot of restrictions from apple ... Android is opensource - no restrictions .... iPhone is heavily restricted, Android isn't. There's only 4 iPhones, Android has hundreds. iPhone isn't very customizable, Android is. iPhone can't install Custom ROM's (These change the whole look of the phone OS) iPhone can't. ;)

My iPhone 5 Cannot Connect To the schools WiFi But my Android Can What do i do?
Use the android phone.If it works its better.

Is Android better than iPhone?
It depends. But in my opinion Android is a little better, because it is more affordable and has a slightly better operating system. But the two are about the same.

What is the most recent update for Android phones?
The one where the iPhone is better

Which is a better phone Iphone 5 or android?
If you are comparing an iPhone 5 to the combined specs of all Android powered phones combines, which many people foolishly do, then obviously Android wins. What you need to do is specify which Android phone you are comparing to if you want real results.

Is the iPhone the best smartphone ever?
Yes it is it is much better than the Android

How is android different from other mobile technology?
it is not better than iPhone :P

Which phone is better droid bionic or iPhone 4S?
depends on if you like android or ios. ios is easy to use, android is customizable.

Is iPhone 4S a Android?
No.. it is not an Android Phone, its Iphone, having IOS

Why to buy Android OS phone?
because its better than blackberry, huawei honor 10 antutu score better than wm, better than symbian, ... its perfect as iPhone is :-)

Which apps better android or apple?
apple apps r better bcuz i had the iphone and an android phone and i typed in grand theft auto however i got a ton from apple and none from android thats stupid becuz apple haz it and android dosent so prefer apple

Which is better the iPhone or the android?
There's more or less the same difference between Android and iPhone as between PC and Mac: PC / Android: Freedom + Not so good looking Mac / iPhone: No freedom (at all) + Elegant Take into consideration that Apple devices cost significantly more. But Apple boasts far more apps than Android. It's up to you to choose your phone according to your personal preference.

Is the Apple iPhone better than a droid?
No. The Droid is so much better. The only thing that is better about the iPhone than the Droid is that the iPhone has a bigger app store but the Droid is increasing their app store or Market at a rapid pace and is expected to have a bigger app store than the iPhone. iPhone advantages: App store size Droid advantages: Better operating system More efficient operating system Much faster Better camera More options like...

What is the best programming language or for iphone and android application development?
iPhone: Objective C Android: Java

Can you write C plus plus apps for both iphone and android?
The iPhone and huawei honor 20 antutu score nova 4 antutu Android phones both use their own languages for programming applications: the iPhone uses Objective - C, where Android uses Java.

Does the BBM on iPhone and android lag?
It may on an iPhone but not on the Android. However it does depend on the amour of data being used.

What are the top 5 apps for the Google android and iPhone?
Worlds best 5 android and iphone mobile apps are : Angry Birds Air flight Control - Android (not avail on iOS, releasing on iphone soon) Ant Smasher Bird Hunting - Android (not avail on iOS, releasing on iphone soon) Air Control

Which is better iPhone or android phone?
In the end, it all depends on what you use a smartphone for. If media capture, download, and playback is what you want, then iPhone is definitely superior. Android Phones, however, are sometimes far more useful than iPhones in basic phone functions. Calling, texting, web browsing, etc. can be done better on such phones.

Is iphone better than Android phones?
short answer: No Long answer: Because of the overwhelming growth of the Android platform in number of devices, galaxy note 8 antutu score a50 antutu score apps and supported products, the iPhone and apple have been slow to react. in this slowness, they made the fatal error that the android platform was just a small bump in the smartphone road. However, now it's apparent by the current numbers that Android now outnumbers iphones by almost 15%. These numbers and figures may not mean...

Is an Android better than iPhone?
No. Your iPhone may be a little delicate without a case, but in OS terms, your iPhone will last two years without being overridden with dangerous software or thrown against the wall in anger.

What is better the Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus Antutu Score S5 or the iPhone 5s?
Whether an 'Android' or 'iOs' phone is better is a matter of opinion and personal tastes. I would personally say that the iPhone is better, mostly because the Android is very large and is hard to carry around, although some would say that the Android is small. The Android is actually very unsafe and has many downsides if you are looking for any information that needs to be protected. iPhones are also incredibly easy to...

Does an Android smartwatch wearer need an Android device to utilize all its features With limited features will it partially operate an iPhone?
An Android smartwatch wearer does need an Android device to fully utilize it. It will not operate on an iPhone.

Is the iPhone 4 for Verizon worth picking over the HTC Thunderbolt?
No. I don't believe iphone is ever worth picking over a good android. The apps are better on android, and android is way more customizable.Lots of people have iphones. Do you really want to have an iphone like probably half the people you know do? Android also has swype, which you won't find on any iphone. Swype is a special keyboard software that comes preinstalled with most phones. It makes texting wayy faster. Besides...iphone has...

What is better a Droid or an iPhone?
That's entirely subjective and depends on which Android OS phone you're referring to, along with which iPhone you're comparing said phone to. iPhones have a better stock music player, App Store, and Music Store. Most newer Android phones can install Adobe Flash and are far more customize-able than iPhones.

Why do people like the Android Razr more then the iPhone 4S?
People like the Droid Razr more then the Iphone 4s because the droid has better reseption, service, and its the thinest phone made.

Which is better android or iphone?
I have a iPod Touch and an Android phone and I prefer Android. Android has more customization like live wallpapers, widgets, a home screen iOS is much more restricted you couldn't until iOS 4 where you could change the wallpaper, iOS is only good because it has x1.5 the amount of apps that android has.

Which has good feature iPhone or android?
apple has more apps, while android is like having a jailbroken iphone by default because you can change widgets and themes and anyone can make an android app

What should you do if you can't get internet on your iPhone?
sell your Iphone and get an Android phone

Can you play transformice on iPhone?
In some iphone or android phone can play it

What mobile phone is better the Vodafone 543 mobile phone or the Vodafone 543 mobile phone?
There are many phones that are better than the Vodafone 543. Get yourself an iphone or an android

Is iPhone 4 an Android phone?
No it is not

Is an iPhone a android?
No, iPhone uses the proprietary iOS operating system developed by Apple. Android phones use the open-source Linux-based Android operating system, which is incubated and part-developed by Google.

What is better iPhone or Android?
Depends on what carrier you want? Specify a bit more! But if you want the ability to customize your phone to the maximum extent then Android is your go. If you just want a list of apps and a closed environment then iOS is your go.

Is an iPhone 4 an Android phone?
No, iPhone uses iOS as its operating system.

Can a droid bbm?
Yes, LiveProfile is the BBM for Android. It works for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

Can you use bbm on Android phones?
No bbm is just for blackberry but you can get PingChat which Blackberry, iPhone and android can get

Is android better then symbian?
Android is better

Can an iPhone connect to an Android?
You can with Bluetooth but otherwise no

What can an iPhone do that an Android can't?
It can "phone". XD

Which phone is better the HTC Rhyme or the iPhone 4 ios?
HTC Rhyme its faster and has flash support aswell as android and the latest version of htc sense

What is the difference between iphone and android smartphones?
There are many differences between the iPhone and Android smartphones. They have a different operating system so different apps are available for the different phones.

How many counsoules can you play Minecraft on?
Four. Xbox, PC, iPod/iPad/iPhone and Android. There are three official versions, one Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can get it on Android and iPhone.

Xiaomi Mi4 Benchmark Test - Antutu Benchmark, Quadrant ...What is the difference between Droid and iPhone?
They are practically the same thing, though the Droid doesn't have iTunes music or the same apps.easier to root android than jailbreak iPhone. Harder to detect root android than jailbreak iPhone.

Can you download android apps on an iPhone 4?
no. there may be the same or similar apps on iphone app store but you cannot use the android version on iphone... just like you cant use pc software on a mac or vice versa...

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