What mobile phone should I buy Nokia 6300 or N72

You should get the Nokia 6300. The nokia N72 has to many problems. Have you looked at the nokia 6085.

What are restriction code for Nokia 6300?
You can get restriction code for your Nokia 6300 mobile phone from Classicunlocking.com at reasonable price.

How do you unlock country code of 6300 nokia?
You can get country code for your Nokia 6300 mobile phone from Mobileunlockguide.com at reasonable price.Here they ask you to specify the country name,current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.

Unlock Nokia 6300?
You can unlock your Nokia 6300 mobile phone from the network lock by using an unlock code.You can get this code from Theunlockarena.com at affordable cost.

Which mobile phone is best for you. nokia 6300 or 5130 xpress music?
the 5130 is newer than the 6300 but they are nearly at the same level.

What operating system does the Nokia 6300 phone use?
The Operating System that Nokia uses on the Nokia 6300 Phone is Series 40. Series 40 is the most widely used mobile phone platforms in the world. As of January 25, 2012 Nokia announced they have sold over 1.5 billion Series 40 devices.

Nokia 6300 water resistance?
Nokia 6300 is not Water Resistant phone. If your phone is damaged by Water then it can be repaired.

Restriction code for nokia 6300?
You can get restriction code for your Nokia 6300 mobile phone from Simpleunlocking.com at reasonable price.Here they ask you to specify the country name,current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.After specifying these details,they deliver code through email.Then you can unlock it using code by following the instructions given for your mobile phone from that site itself.

How can you make voice call through nimbuzz using your mobile nokia 6300?
Nokia 6300 voice call

What is the unlock code for a nokia 6300b?
If you want to unlock your Nokia 6300 mobile phone from the network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from Prounlocking.com at reasonable price.

All format codes for nokia 6300?
i need a format code for my nokia 6300, tell me what should i do?

How do you transfer files from a computer onto a mobile Nokia 6300?
first of all you need to have the nokia 6300 PC suite on you computer. Then connect your phone to your computer via usb and go into you 6300 file which will be in "my computer" and then "nokia phone browser". from then on it is easier than you think just drag the file you want on your phone to your phone file. If it is not working, go to "search" and type the file...

How do you lock my memory card of nokia 6300 mobile?
mere lund sey

Need restriction code for Nokia 6300?
you can get restriction codes for your nokia mobile online sites that provides restriction codes.

What is the best deal on a nokia 6300?
The Nokia 6300 is available in 2 models and will influence the selling price of the phone. A Nokia 6300 Unlocked Cell Phone in Silver can be purchased new for $231 but can also be bought as used or refurbished, with a starting low price of $140 up to $180. The Nokia 6300 is also available as an Unlocked Triband Camera Business Phone. New pricing is from $199 to $234. Used pricing shows considerable savings...

What exactly is a Nokia 6300 phone?
The Nokia 6300 phone is a very sleek phone. This phone has a lot of features that the average user does not need. This phone has a lot of computer technology.This phone can be used as a mp 3 player. You can also go online and download video clips.This is perfect for the business man.

Where can you find customer reviews for the Nokia 6300?
You can find customer reviews of the Nokia 6300 from varios electronic and phone review websites. Some notable sites include: PCMag, Amazon, and Cnet.

Will nokia 6300 unlocked accept a 3 simcard?
If the Nokia phone is already unlocked, then it should be able to support the frequency that 3 network operates on, hence you can insert a 3 network SIM card.

How good is the nokia 6300 for taking pictures?
The cell phone takes decent pictures for being an older model of a phone. If you are buying the phone because you want a good camera in it, you should aim for a newer cell phone.

How do you format the phone memory of your Nokia 6300?
To hard reset/format the phone enter this: *#7780# (code 12345).

How do you install Skype for Nokia 6300?
can i install skype for nokia 6300

What are some of the benefits of owning a Nokia 6300?
Owning a Nokia 6300 is like owning a reliable, intuitive phone that keeps you close to the people that matter. It is also very light (only 91 grams to be exact).

How much does Nokia 6300 cost?
$135 (approx.) is the price of Nokia 6300.

What features does the Nokia 6300 provide?
The Nokia 6300 provides numerous features such as vibrant roughly 200 ppi pixel display, a 2MP camera, email and internet access, and SMS and MMS messaging. This handheld phone also offers a selection of colors for the body of the phone.

How do you make your Nokia 6300 louder?
on the side of your phone there is a up and down button PRESS UP!!!

Nokia 6300 charger not supported?
Type your answer here... nokia 6300 charger not sported sir

How do you install games Nokia 6300?
yes i install games in nokia 6300 but the games did not work and unstable

Want 2 break your nokia 6300 s security code?
want to break my nokia 6300 scurity code

What new mobile phone is compatible with the Bluetooth device of the 2010 dodge ram 3500?
all type of nokia phones support a single 3500 bluetooth headset especially s40 phones such as 5130xm,7210super nova ,3100c,6300,etc

Security code for nokia 6300?
how am i suppose to open ma security code of my cell phone plz help me wod this?

I've to format the phone memory of nokia 6300..not to restore factory settings?
I used *#7370# but it didn't work.

What Pokemon games can i get 4 my phone its a nokia 6300?
I think if u go to website u can get Pokemon red

How do you reset security code in nokia 6300?
i forget security code of my nokia 6300.i cant open it ..now how can i open it...>?plz tell me

Can you unlock Nokia 6300?
If it refers to keypad unlock, then yes we can unlock 6300.

Is the Nokia 5610 louder than the Nokia 6300 when playing MP3's?
i would say yes because the 6300 has bad volume

What are some of the specifications for the 6300 Nokia mobile phone?
There are several specifications that can be found for the 6300 Nokia. First, Galaxy a10 specs size specifications include weight 91.0 g with battery and dimensions 106.0 x 43.0 x 11.0 mm. Second, standard battery type Li-Ion, amperage 860 mAh, standby time GSM 348h, and talk time GSM 3h 30m. Lastly, key features include SMS, MMS, Camera, Java, Games, etc.

How do you transfer contact list of Nokia 6300 to Samsung galaxy a50 specs Y S5360?
Transferring contact lists from the Nokia 6300 to the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, can be done with transferring the SIM card. A second way is to download the data from one phone to the other using a transfer application which is available through Google.

What mobile is better the Nokia 6300 or samsung galaxy s10 plus specs the Nokia 6303?
Nokia 6303 also measures 108.8 x 46.2 x 11.7 mm that make it very compact. This phone connects with GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE and USB port. Thus people can easily share files with other compatible devices. The mobile has a 2.2 inches display screen where one can play games and surf internet with the aid of the WAP browser. This handset can support upto 4 GB card and so people can store any amount of files...

How do you detect original from fake nokia 6300?
throw it down if it falls apart and is easily replaced then it is original but if it doesn't then sorry buy another phone

Can you install video playar in your nokia 6300?
no you can not.

How to increase volume in nokia 6300?

Will your UK nokia 6300 work in the US?
yes your UK nokia 6300 will work in u.s just you have to make sure that it is quad band. There are phones which support only three bands or Huawei P20 Pro specs frequencies so it may not work in certain areas but a quad band gsm phone will work in almost anywhere. or you can check on this further here website

Why Nokia 6300 is better then N72?
no the n72 and the N series are heaps good. but the 6300 is heaps more cheaper

What is the processor of nokia 6300?
It's 236 Mhz :)

How do you reset a Nokia 6300?
Input: *#7780# Then: 12345

From where Can you get Free Stuff for Nokia 6300?

How can you reduce the brightness of Nokia 6300?
sorry, not doable

Can you use fring on your nokia 6300?
fring do not support Nokia 6300 model However, you can still download the minifring version from website This is the text only version of fring.

What are the best features of a nokia 6300?
The Nokia 6300 offers expandable memory and can be used as a music player by converting music files into a smaller format. It has a jack to accommodate many commercially-available headphones.

What features are available with the Nokia 6300?
This is an older phone with low 2g capability and a two inch screen. It does have bluetooth, mini usb, a 2mp camera, and emailing capabilities, though.

Is there any code to increase volume for Nokia 6300?

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