What service does the android have

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro leaked specs reveal powerful camera ...The Android Service

Does the Android tablet need cell phone service?
Cell phone service is not mandatory for an Android Tablet. A Tablet whether Android or Ipad can happily work with Wifi connectivity - if you need to use any internet enabled application.

Does Micromax Funbook support WhatsApp?
Though the Micromax Funbook has Android OS onboard, WhatsApp only works on Android smartphones, not Android tablets with wifi-only service.

Can update the android version 2.3 to 4?
depends mainly on two things, the phone and the service provider. the phone must meet certain specifications for android 4.0 AND service provider must provide you with the update.

What is the cheapest android plan?
The cheapest android plan depends on your service provider. I think the cheapest plans right now have to be Sprint, in my opionion.

How do you get service on an Android phone without paying?
just jailbreak it ig

How can you update my Android mobile phone LG-gw620 TO New android verison some one Help?
Go to LG service center.

Can you install android to Nokia Asha 305?
Yes you can install android to nokia asha 305 as long as your cell phone service provider and your software support the android systems. Also your software must be up to date.

Can you download apps on an android after your contract is up?
No not on metro pcs no service no internet

When was the first android phone invented?
TECHNICALLY the term android means that outside servers save your information like contacts in the cloud. the first signs of this technology was used by Danger and their Sidekicks in 2002. But the answer you probably want is Google's Android service.. The first android phone ; The G1 with T-Mobile was made in 2008.

How can yu get your pictures from your iPhone to a Android phone without sims card?
First of all, SIM Cards are for contacts and phone service. You could try texting the picture if your Android allows it.

Huawei P30 + P30 Pro specifications: 10x hybrid zoom ...Do you need to have an Internet connection from your service provider to use Android Market?
Yes so you can connect .

Can you tether your Boost Mobile phone with your laptop to get internet service?
yeah you can if your phone is the android . Check out the PdaNet App for the android i don't think it coasts extra soo Good Luck :) -Halo3357hiii

How can i tell if my android has been hacked?
Signs & Symptoms of a Hacked Android include Strange Texts, unauthorized Use, Service Disruptions smallbusiness.chron.com/signs-symptoms-hacked-smartphone-33083.html

How do you get web on an Android phone?
You must subscribe for mobile internet service through your cell phone provider.

Can you put wifi service only on mobile Android phone?
yes if you have it in your house.......... this is @bhadainti FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

What is a good device manager for android phones?
Mobile Android phone management can be controlled by a mobile device manager which can be downloaded and installed.One of the best ones is the 3CX Mobile Device Manager which is an online service.

Who are the best Android app developers in India?
In view of the faster growing Smartphone usage globally and more and more audiences incline towards the usage of Android devices, OM Software turns up as a premier Android App Developing service providing company offering sumptuous and most effective Android App development services and Samsung Galax a40 specs a40s antutu solutions.

Where can one find an Android watch?
Android does not list locations where one can purchase their watch on their website. They tell potential customers to call their Customer Service department at 888/868-1828 to find the nearest location. one plus 7 specs can purchase a watch directly from the Android USA website as well.

What service does Color huawei p30 specs Touch Effects offer to Android users?
Color Touch Effects offer imagine editing services to Android users. The software allows one to alter the colors in photographs and enhance them where needed.

Do Samsungs use Android?
Yes, the Samsung Epic and the Captive and the Fascinate and the vibrant. One for each popular service.

How do you take a screenshot on an android?
Hold home press back ! Hope this helps ..if not ask your service provider for reference

Where could a person download Shredder Chess for an Android phone?
There are a number of places to download games for an Android phone. One option would be to look for Shredder chess on the device app service. Alternatively sites such as; shredder chess, google play and the android website all have optiojns to download this game.

What is AIDL - Android Interface Definition Language?
AIDL is Android interface definition language which handles the interface requirement between a client and service, which helps in communication at the same level, with the help of inter process communication. AIDL involves breaking down of the objects into primitives which are Android understandable. It allows you to define the programming interface that both the client and service agree upon in order to communicate with each other using interprocess communication.

What does the Lexus of Mobile provide?
The Lexus of Mobile is a service that Lexus provides its customers that allows customers to schedule automotive appointments by phone. The service is available online or on an Android or Iphone device.

Is the Android 2.2 a free update for HTC Desire?
Yes, although you'll have to wait for your service provider to "customise" the release for your phone.

How much does an Android tablet cost?
From $109 - $120 at the bluetoothbill dot net web site, My choice to answer with this price and place is because of the service.

Multiplayer-social gaming platform for iPhone and Android phones?
Only certain games are cross compatible with iOS and android, an example being hay day, however they need to be linked through a different service than game center or google play.

I want a streaming music service like grooveshark on android I don't have to pay for it I downloaded the app for android It doesn't work Are there Similar apps that play free on demand music?
There are streaming music apps such as pandora or Iheart Radio that offer free streaming music.

What is wrong when your htc wildfire Android phone will not send sms messages?
Their is either a problem with the service network or you should try taking your battery out for about a minute.

In Dragon Ball Z how many androids are there?
6 in Dragon Ball Z Android 13 Android 16 Android 17 Android 18 Android 19 Android 20

What mobile devices does Bank of America's online banking service support?
Bank of America's online banking service supports all the Antutu Top Ranking mobile devices. These devices include Android, Apple and Windows based phones from a various manufacturers.

Who made the android?
Android Inc. at first was founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner,Nick Sears and Chris White. At first they have plans to develop it as an, Operating system for Digital cameras but later on they learned that its doesn't have that much big market to target, so they change their plans and start targeting Smartphones and later on it was overtaken by Google Inc.

Why wont my android cellphone let me bluetooth games to my friends who are also on android?
Android cellphones does not allow users to share Android apps via Bluetooth. Though, if you want to share and transfer Android apps from one Android cellphone to another, you can use Android apps which allows users to share Android app.

Do you need an Android phone to download Android apps?
Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

How do you remove my gmail account in android from my PC?
You cannot remove your gmail account in android from PC. To remove it from android, galaxy s8 plus antutu benchmark you need Android only. In settings of android, you can delete it.

Why would you want to root an Android phone?
some of the most common reasons for rooting are; speed up/overclock the processor to remove system apps (uninstallable pre-installed apps) to gain memory space to install the latest version of android (some service providers do not provide update when new android versions are released) to access "locked out" features of phone like Wi-Fi tethering just be forewarned that rooting your device with ANY cell phone provider is a breach of the TOS (terms of service)...

What is android 4?
Android 4.0 is Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Who is stronger Android 16 or Android 17-?
Android 17 is stronger than Android 16 because it is a later version.

How do you capture signatures on your droid?
One good way to capture signatures is to subscribe to download Formotus Forms Central from the Android Market, subscribe to the Formotus service, then make yourself a custom business form in InfoPath and deploy it to your Droids (and also to other Android and iOS devices.) website

How many different types of versions in Android?
Android versions :- Cupcake, Android 1.5 Donut, Android 1.6 Eclair, Android 2.0 Froyo, Android 2.2 Gingerbread, Android 2.3 (currently the latest for cellphones) Android 3.0 (but it has been specially designed for tablets and not cell phones, so stands separately then the conventional versions)

Will be there any new Major Release of Android 4x line beside Android 4.4.4 or is the Android 4.4.4 the Last of the Android 4x Line?
As of this writing, it is unknown if "Android L" will bring us into Android 5.0, or if it will a 4.xx update.

What is an android application on mobile phones?
An android app is meant for phones with an android based operating systems. They can be downloaded from the android app Market which is pre-loaded on every android phone

Massive Huawei P30 and P30 Pro specs leak reveals ...What does android stands for?
Android does not stand for anything Android simply means robot

How do you Skype from Android?
You will have to download "Skype for Android" in the Android market or Google Play.

What is meant by android 4.3?
Android 4.3 is a version of Android operating system.

What service does the website Planetromeo offer?
Planetromeo provides a dating service for the homesexual and bisexual community. Planetromeo is also an app downloadable on the Android network. The site is currently used mostly by males with 87% of their users being male and 13% being female.

What is a phone android?
There's nothing named "phone android" rather the correct term would be "Android Phone" anyway an Android phone can be said as a device running Android as an Operating System.

Is Android 2.1 faster than Android 1.5 on HTC Dream?
Android 2.1 is faster than Android 1.5 on HTC Dream.

Is cartoon wars 2 harder on iPod or android?
It is incredibly harder on android. I have it on iPad and Android. Game is insane on android easy on iOS.

How do you make an Android account?
There is no such thing as an Android account. You need to create a Google Account for use certain services on Android such as Android Market

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