When did eve eat the apple

Apple? What Apple??

Did Adam and Eve eat an apple?
accotding to the Bible, eve ate the apple then tempted Adam with it

Was it an apple or a pear that eve gave Adam to eat?
Eve gave Adam an apple to eat from the one tree 'the tree of knowledge" that God told them not to eat from. Eve was tricked by the devil who was in the form of a serpent at the time.

Why did the apple get Adam and Eve in trouble?
The apple got Adam and Eve in trouble because God told them not to eat it

When is a apple mentioned?
apple is mentioned when the world was created, Adam and eve, they eat an APPLE.

Who ate the apple adamor eve?
the serpent/Satan convinced eve to eat the apple while Adam stood and watched. then she handed it to Adam and convinced him to eat it so he did. thus they both ate it just eve did first.

What did god forbid to Adam and Eve?
not to eat the apple.

Did Eve eat the apple or did Adam?
They both ate the fruit. Eve was first, then she told Adam to eat the fruit also, and he agreed to.

Who made Eve eat the apple?
Satan, disguised as a serpent.

What colour of apple did Adam and Eve eat?
It clearly states in the Bible that Adam ad Eve ate a forbiden fruit off of the forbidden tree. It does not state that the fruit was an apple or what color the apple was.

What fruit did good say Adam and Eve eat?
the apple Actually, the bible never tells you what Adam and Eve eat because it is not very important.

Why did Adam and Eve eat the apple?
Because both were tempted by satan.

Did the devil make Eve eat the apple?
well he actually tempted her.

What causes Adam and Eve to be ashamed?
Because Eve ate the apple from the tree that god told them not to then Eve told Adam to eat it and that's all.

Did Eve eat the apple before or after having children?
before having children.

Did Adam and Eve have a choice not to eat the apple?
no they were forced to by the god that isn't real

What os the symbolic meaning of The World Is An Apple?
the apple symbolizes if adam and eve didn't eat the apple.the Earth will not like this. (:

Did Eve eat an apple?
The fruit was not named as an apple in the Bible. It is only referred to as the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is mistakenly believed to be an apple.

What creature temped eve?
A snake was what tempted Eve. The snake convinced her to eat the apple in the garden, which God specifically told them not to. Thus, the story was famous.

What is the name of the fruit that Adan and Eve eat?
As far as i know it was a 'malum' which can be meant as evil or as an apple.

What fruit were Adam and Eve not supposed to eat from?
An apple tree Actually the bible never tells you what they eat because it's not important!

What does apple symbolize in Adam and Eve?
Adam and Eve are not banished from Eden because they eat apple. God told them that they cannot eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In Bible, before leaving Eden, Adam and Eve are wised, emotional and willed. Because God said ,"Let us make in our image, in our likeness." And the image of God is anthropopathic. It symbolize the wisdom and love, holy and pure, justice and truth. Many people...

Who was the first one plus 7 antutu score to eat an apple?
If one believes the writings of the Bible's Old Testament, Eve could be said to have eaten the first apple. Although it was the "apple of the Tree of Life" and probably not a literal apple.

What would happen if Adam and Eve don't eat the apple?
Earth would not exist as we know it today

What happens in the fall of Adam and eve?
God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from every tree but one tree which was the tree of good and evil.Then the serpent told them that he only told them that because the fruit would make them "just like him".So that made Eve eat the apple and she made Adam eat it to.

What are the biblical references or allusions in The Last Book in the Universe?
it 's about adam and eve the story of eden because been eats the apple from the apple tree and gives it to spaz to eat.

What sin did Adam and Eve commit that through them out of paradise?
They ate the forbidden fruit... Being an apple... Which God told them not to eat.

How do you become a distributor for apple and eve L.L.C.?
Apple? what Apple??

Why did Steve Jobs call the apple company apple?
its because a bitten apple is machorie of the human raise, it resembles when adam and eve eat the froot of the forbidden tree of life! look into it! eye-phone its a lluminati thing!

What should you eat New Year's Eve?
Personally I think you should have Chinese food and then for desert apple pie and cream/custard

Where does Adams apple occur?
The Bible says it was the simple act of eating a literal fruit (the Bible does not say it was an "apple") that God had told Adam and Eve not to eat. (Genesis 3:1-6)

When did lying start?
It started since the day Satan lied to Eve and tricked herto eat apple. posted by Samantha Wasinee Seeboonruang.

What was the fruit God forbade Adam and Eve to eat?
The type of fruit is not known. Modern depictions of the fruit as an apple are only imaginative interpretations.

If God created humans and wanted us to go forth and multiply wasn't the serpent on God's side for convincing Eve to eat the apple?
No the serpent was not on God's side. It only made eve to disobey God.

Why did Adam and Eve eat apple?
To move the plot along; if they hadn't then they'd still be there, living happily ever after. Answer First, apples grow on apple trees, not trees of knowledge of good and evil. Second, if Adam and Eve hadn't eaten the "fruit" they would still be there, living happily ever after, according to the story.

Why did eve eat the apple?
She was deceived by the serpent. Answer: Eve's eating the apple was a completely foreseeable event. The basis of the story was that prior to eating the fruit of the tree Eve and Adam had no understanding of good and evil, they couldn't tell right from wrong, couldn't understand the concept of a lie, had no understanding of doing the "right thing". Put into this mix a supernatural talking snake that could tell lies...

Who ate ate the apple first?
Eve was the first to eat the fruit (it doesn't say it was an apple): Genesis 3:6 (KJV) And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

What type of fruit did eve eat off tree?
i really would say no one plus 6 antutu score knows. some people belive it was an apple, but some think it was a grape.

How eve felt when she eat an apple?
When Eve bit the apple she felt like she was in an elevator shooting skyward. She then saw things in a different way. It was like changing lenses on a camera. She couldn't undo it. At first it seemed facinating to her and that's why she gave it to Adam to eat. Adam at this point chose Eve over God and took the bite and the same happened to him too. After the initial thrill...

Why is the apple on the apple logo bitten?
Cause they worship the devil hence Adam and eve she bit the apple

How old was Adam and Eve after eve ate the apple?
There was no time of year in the garden of Eden.

What variety of apple did Adam and Eve eat?
A: The story of Adam and Eve gets simplified for young children, including the fruit they ate being described as an apple. However, the tree we find in the Bible is not an apple tree, it is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a common motif in ancient Near Eastern religions. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they became like gods (Genesis 3:22-23): "And the Lord God said, Behold the man...

What book in the poem 'Paradise Lost' does Eve eat the apple that brought death to all humankind?
In the Bible, Eve commits the first sin in the Book of Genesis. May this answer help you not to follow in her footsteps and to worship God forever. Amen.

How do wemon have babies?
Because thousands of years ago, Eve had listened to the evil spirit snake and took and ate an apple from God's garden. God did not allow any living creature to eat from the garden so he gave eve the curse of periods and childbearing.

What happen to Satan after he gave the apple to eve?
In the creation story found in Genesis, a serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The serpent was then condemned by God to slither on the ground. It was never specifically stated that the serpent was Satan, although most assume that was the case.

Why should Eve be blamed for eating the forbidden fruit when God did not explain convincingly the calamities that follows after?
This is exclusively a Christian issue. In Judaism, Adam is blamed for Eve's eating the apple. When God forbade eating from the Tree of Knowledge, He had not yet created Eve, so it was Adam's responsibility to explain to Eve that she should not eat from the tree.

Does the apple in Adam and samsung galaxy s10 plus antutu score eve symbolize sex?
No the apple does not symbolize sex. After all it was not mentioned in the bible as a apple. it is refereed to as the forbidden fruit.

What happened after Adam and Eve ate the apple?
God threw them out of the garden of Eden for punishment since they broke his ONLY commandment for them...ever since then mankind has been imperfect. And if Eve and huawei 4e antutu benchmark p smart z antutu benchmark Adam didn't ate the apple we all living in Nature.. God forgive Eve and Adam and Adam,Eve is in heaven

What should you leave for Father Christmas to eat on Christmas Eve?
Well when i was young and i left food out for santa (now my kids do it for me :D ) i left out cookies and galaxy a20 huawei nova5 pro antutu rating score milk and an apple for the reindeer! xx

When did the idea of independence started?
When Eve ate the apple.

Why do you become old?
because Eve bit the apple.

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