Where was Nokia invented

Nokia originated in Finland

When was the first Nokia invented?
The first Nokia was invented in 1992. The model number of the Nokia phone is Nokia 1011. It was given the model number because it was launched on the 10th of November.

Who invented Nokia?
Noland Kiander

Name of the person who invented nokia mobile phone?
1865, Nokia founder Frederick Idestam in Finland,

What company invented cellphones?
nokia Apple!

Who invented nokia phone?
Fredrick idestam

When was the first Nokia mobile phone invented?

Who is the Inventor of smartphone?
Nokia invented the smart phone

Who invent Nokia?
Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin invented or founded the company Nokia. This company was created in the country of Finland in 1865.

Who invented the first nokia mobile phone?
Martin Cooper.

Who invented the nokia tracfone?
Victor Maldonado Maldonado of Miramar, FL

Who invented Nokia cell-phone?
Am trying to ask you the samething ..

Who invented the Nokia cell phone?
came from Finland the company is born in Finland after a name of a small village

What is the first cell phone that Nokia released?
Although Nokia was already a leading player in phone technology and had several car phones on the market, their first cell phone was released in 1992. It was the Nokia 1011 and was also called the Mobira Cityman 2000. It did not have what has now become their signature ringtone as that was only invented in 1994.

What are the latest Nokia phones?
The newest and best phones from Nokia are from 2010-2011. They are the Nokia 5800, Nokia E72, Nokia N96, Nokia 86, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia N6, Nokia C6, Nokia N900, Nokia N97, and the Nokia N8. These are listed from "worst to best" (none are bad) and vary from keyboard to touch screen phones.

Who made Nokia Nokia 5800?
Nokia 5800 was made by Nokia Corporation.

Which 1 is better Nokia 5322 or C3 Nokia?
Nokia C3 is better then the 5322 nokia.

Where is the Nokia company or who is the founder of Nokia?
Nokia was originally from Finland. And founder of nokia is Stephen elop.

What are the cheapest cellular phones by Nokia?
Some of the cheapest cell phones by Nokia include the Nokia 3595, the Nokia 6010, The Nokia 6030, and the Nokia 6010. You can find a variety of Nokia phones for huawei mate 20 pro specs honor 20i specs well below market price on the eBay website.

Is Nokia c3 is better or Nokia x3?
Yes Nokia C3 is Better Then other Nokia Mobiles

Which phone is better Nokia e71 or Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic?
nokia 5800 is better than nokia e71 cause nokia 5800 its sound is very loud but nokia e71 sound is sucks

What does nokia stands for in nokia mobile phone or abbreviation of nokia in nokia mobile phones?
It doesn't stand for anything. It comes from the river Nokia, which got its name from a rodent called the nokia (a member of the weasel family).

Top five Nokia phones?
NO.5 Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic NO.4 Nokia n97 20 GB NO.3 Nokia n95 NO.2 Nokia n95 8GB NO.1 Nokia n96 16GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Nokia phones has xenon flash?
Nokia N82, Nokia 6220 Classic & The newly introduced Nokia N8.

Who owns the company Nokia?
Fredrik Idestam is the founder of Nokia, Huawei Mate 20X 5G antutu but the owner of Nokia Phones IS the Nokia Company and its shareholders.

Which is better the Nokia n95 or the Nokia 5800?
The Nokia 5800 has less flaws then the Nokia n95 although that is a very good phone, the Nokia 5800 is a much better phone

Which models are made under the Nokia Classic line?
There are many models include: Nokia 1680 classic, Nokia 2600 classic, Nokia 2700 classic, Nokia 2730 classic and many others. There are also business classic models like Nokia 6120, Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Specs Nokia 6121.

What nokia series is nokia 2730 classic?
what is nokia 2730 classic series

How Nokia gets its name?
The Nokia Corporation is named after the town of Nokia in Finland.

Is N97 mini better than Nokia X6?
Well, technically Nokia X6 is sort of 'inside' the Nokia N97 mini. It's just that Nokia N97 mini has a keyboard and the Nokia X6 doesn't. How do I know this? My Uncle has Nokia N97 (not mini) but my other Aunty has Nokia X6 and so does my sister.

Where is Nokia asha made in?
Nokia Asha Nade In China Uder The Corporation Of Nokia

What mobile phone should I buy Nokia 6300 or N72?
You should get the Nokia 6300. The nokia N72 has to many problems. Have you looked at the nokia 6085.

What set is the best and why in Nokia t7 and Nokia n8?
Nokia T7 have 8 megapixel camera. Nokia N8 have 12 megapixel camera. But Nokia T7 is a newer model so it "should" have a better software.

Where is Nokia originally from?
Nokia is from Finland.

Nokia belong to which country?
In which country nokia company belongs. In which country nokia company belongs.

How do you format Nokia 1200?
Go To The Nokia Respective Shops And Ask The To Format Your Nokia 1200! =)

Which mobile phone is better the Nokia n97 or the Nokia n97 mini?
the nokia n97 is better

What are the competitors to the Nokia 6303?
Competitors to the Nokia 6303 are previous Nokia models such as Nokia Asha 303 and the Nokia C5 as well as other brands of mobile phones. The Nokia 6303i Classic has more standby time, a little more talktime and newer Bluetooth support meaning faster data transfer when compared to the Nokia 6303 Classic.

What is the difference between the Nokia n97 and the Nokia n97 mini?
You should have already understood by the title of Nokia N97 Mini that it is smaller compared with it's older brother Nokia N97. Nokia N97 Mini lacks some cool functions that Nokia N97 has, for example; Nokia N97 Mini's camera performance is (good, Huawei Mate 20X 5G antutu but) lower in quality than Nokia N97's. Moreover, Nokia N97 Mini's Mass Memory can only be as high as 16 GB, huawei y7 prime 2018 specs whilst Nokia n97's Mass Memory is 32 GB. However, Nokia N97...

When was the Nokia 6233 released?
The Nokia 6233 was released in the Summer of 2006. The Nokia 6233 was the successor to the Nokia 6230i and has many capabilities including a camera and improved speakers.

Why nokia is called nokia?
It is so because it was started as a finnish company built over the river nokia.

Best Nokia mobile for internet?
nokia 6233,3110 Nokia N95, E65 and N81 all have WLAN on them.

How get a Nokia dealership?
how to get nokia dealer & disturbtion jackson tenn how to get nokia dealer & disturbtion jackson tenn

What is the master lock code for Nokia 2626?
A: If you have found a nokia and need to activate it take to a nokia dealer

What is the most unique cell phone?
In my opinion it would have to be a nokia (ex nokia 888 or nokia 7260)

Which is better Nokia c5-03 or Nokia c6?
nokia c5-03 is much better

Is Nokia is Israeli product?
No, nokia is from Finland

Where can you buy a Nokia 7390?
one plus 7 specs can buy a Nokia 7390 from the main Nokia store. You can also purchase them cheaply in the Google store. You can look at Nokia 7390 reviews in CNET.

What the cost of Nokia 6850 Nokia data cable?
Eforcity Nokia Ca-53 Compatible USB Data Cable for Nokia for 6850 can be purchased through amazon for $2.32.

Which is the latest Nokia lumia smartphone?
The latest Nokia Lumia smartphone is the Nokia Lumia 630. It has yet to be released.

Can you install Nokia N97 or Nokia 5800 Etc. applications on a Nokia 5230?
Contact the manufacturer and ask them

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