Which is better android or blackberry

Android is far more better than Blackberry, if I talk about the market shares then Android currently posses more than 80% of the market share and Blackberry seems to be struggling with 0.5% market shares which clearly shows that people love Android way more than Blackberry. And galaxy a40s antutu score a20e antutu score I am sure you must be aware that BlackBerry has also started supporting Android Apps means BlackBerry is trying to survive over the market by taking help of Android. Here, I would just say Blackberry was past and Android is the future of mobile operating system.


What is better blackberry iPhone or android?
Android is the best because it has the most apps and the best.

Is blackberry better than Android?
No. Android has far better applacations, hardwear, layout and performance. Blackberry app world has just over 500 aplactions, whereas android market had over 3000,000. Blackerry are also prone to slugish behaviour and constant freezing. I'd recomend an android, as you'll get a much better smartphone :) x

What is better a HTC or a blackberry curve 8520?
An HTC phone is better than a Blackberry Curve 8520 because it works with the Android platform.

Does blackberry have android?
No, Blackberry devices aren't powered by Android. But the Good news is BlackBerry devices can run Android apps.

Can a blackberry phone do everything that an Android phone can do?
Even though the Blackberry and huawei nova 3i antutu rating honor 20i antutu score Android are both smart phones, one major difference between Blackberry and Android is, an Android system is touch screen enabled. A Blackberry phone is not. So, no, a Blackberry can not do everything an Android phone can.

Is textnow compatible with android and blackberry?
Android yes, Blackberry no.

Can android run on blackberry?
No blackberry is in no way related to android

What is better blackberry or android?
Android because it becoms more and more popular, therefore you have a variaty of apps abd games to choose from!

How did the blackberry Change from then to now?
RIM's Blackberry OS is out of date and falling behind in market share. It revolutionized smart phones and then Apple made it better and Google perfected it with ANDROID. It is still better than Windows Phone 7 but has nothing on ANDROID or IOS

Can you download android apps to blackberry?
Yes, you can download Android apps to a BlackBerry device (BlackBerry 10.3.1 or newer).

Why to buy Android OS phone?
because its better than blackberry, better than wm, better than symbian, ... its perfect as iPhone is :-)

Can you use bbm on Android phones?
No bbm is just for blackberry but you can get PingChat which Blackberry, iPhone and android can get

Can you get BlackBerry Messenger on Android phones?
Yes, BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, is available for Android devices.

Does blackberry Z10 support android apps?
No. The blackberry Z10 does not run the Android OS and therefore, it does not support android apps.but the black berry priv does

How do you make your blackberry have android?
a blackberry is an andriod phone

Which is better blackberry tablet or google tablet?
A Blackberry Playbook can be rooted and Google Tablet Operating System put on side by side or as a total replacement to the blackberry os. Hardware features of 'google tablets' have a wide range, where as there are only two playbooks available. so measure any google tablets vs. the specs of a playbook. Using a playbook 'factory/out of the box' would limit you to 'blackberry app worlds', some android to blackberry apps, and blackberry os...

Is blackberry an Android phone?
Unfortunately, the none of the BlackBerry series phones run Android. This is because the company that owns BlackBerry has their own OS for the BlackBerry. The OS for BlackBerry tend to be more stable than other mobiles OS's.

Is blackberry storm 9530 a Android phone?
no its a blackberry phone.

Is there anyway to get blackberry messenger on android?
ya buy a blackberry

Can you play blackberry games on your Android powered smartphone?
No, you can not play blackberry games on Andriod powered smartphone. Blackberry games are only allowed to play on blackberry phone, and none other phones. But there are many games on Android smartphones.

Is blackberry curve Android phone?
No, it's a BlackBerry device that runs their OS.

Can you put your android sim in a blackberry z10?
Yes, it is possible to utilize an Android SIM in a BlackBerry Z10. However, you will need to notify your carrier that you had installed the SIM into a BlackBerry device, as the data plan is different.

Can a droid bbm?
Yes, Huawei P20 Pro Antutu Score LiveProfile is the BBM for Android. It works for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

Why is Temple Run not on android?
beacuse android is sh@@ and apple is epic (blackberry is rubbish

What phone can get blackberry messenger?
Besides BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is also available for use on iOS and Android devices.

Is the blackberry torch android?
no, I don't think.

Are blackberry phones android?
No! Blackberrys are Blackberrys!

Is Blackberry Playbook Android or iOS?
It is neither. The Blackberry Playbook is running theBlackBerry Tablet OS.

How do you get games on the blackberry?
go to the android market duhhh

What is better the blackberry curve 8530 or LG optimus M?
Lg Optimus is better. If you like multitasking, personalizing, android powered apps, and free music streaming then lg optimus. blackberry is a very simple phone with almost no options. Ive had both and I stuck with the LG Optimus M.

Do you have to have a blackberry for blackberry messanger?
Yes, you do need to have a Blackberry in order to use the Blackberry Messenger application but apparently RIM (Research in Motion, the proprietors of Blackberry) might release Blackberry Messenger for iPhone and Android devices as well.

How to transfer contacts from a BlackBerry to Android phone?
To transfer contacts from a BlackBerry to Android phone follow steps given below: Activate Bluetooth on your Android device 1. Go to Settings> Wireless & networks> Bluetooth Settings 2. Check the box next to Bluetooth 3. Check the box next to Visible in order for the device to be detected by the BlackBerry. Pair devices from your BlackBerry 1. From the BlackBerry home screen, click on: Options (wrench icon)> Networks and Connections> Bluetooth Connections. 2...

Who are the major competitors of blackberry?
iphone,windows mobile,android

Can i run android in blackberry curve 8520?
Sorry I don't know how but I give my blackberry to cellphone shop and he install android on my phone curve 8520 I wish I know how he do it but I can't ask him cause he will not tell me this his work

What is better blackberry curve or the blackberry torch?
The blackberry torch is a lot better.

What is better the HTC or The Blackberry?
The Blackberry is better phone!!!!!!!!!! My friend has an HTC and it is really slow!!! i used to have a HTC and then i switched over to Blackberry and Blackberry is an alot better!!! VOTE for BLACKBERRY!!

How do you get heytell on blackberry storm?
so far its only for iphone and android

Can you get live profile on the nokia 5530?
No, only in Android, iPhone, BlackBerry

Do you have to have a blackberry to have bbm?
No, you can download BBM to Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

Can you add blackberry pins on catfiz?
No you Can not, Its only for android right now

How do you download the Android application for the Blackberry Playbook?
The plan is to have this by summer 2011.

Can you get talking tom cat for blackberry?
NO i do not find any application for blackberry Torch .. Talking TOM id only for I phone or Samsung Galaxy A20e Antutu Score Revealed android

Is blackberry developing an Android phone?
No. BlackBerry Smartphones do not run android, they run RIM's OS system. The most current one is Blackberry6 OS that is now running on the Blackberry Style, Torch, and Storm 2. Android operating system is currently owned by google and the company will not sell their system to RIM. RIM wants it's last tablet the PlayBook to be compatible with Android OS Apps so it's developing compatibility for that products and some phones to come.

Is android better then symbian?
Android is better

Did android game work on blackberry phone?
I am not sure about phone as such because there is no official announcement available about it but around 2 weeks back balckberry official announced that users will be able to use android apps and games on Blackberry Playbook.

Is a blackberry curve better than a blackberry purl?
this depends if you buy a blackberry curve 3g then yes it is better but if you buy the normal blackberry curve then blackberry pearl is better because it has 3g

Which blackberry is better bold or curve?
A BlackBerry curve is much better than a BlackBerry Bold!

What kind of phones does one direction have?
Harry- IPhone 4 Liam- Android Niall-iPhone 4 Zayn-Blackberry Louis-blackberry

Why wont BBM work on Android?
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is available for Android, as well as iOS (Apple), since October 21, 2013.

Which blackberry is better?
Blackberry Bold or Blackberry Torch

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