Which is better Nokia c5-03 or Nokia c6

nokia c5-03 is much better

Which is the best mobile nokia c503 or Samsung Galaxy mini?
nokia c503

Which is better Nokia c6 or Nokia n97 mini?
n97 is the same 0f c6 but c6 is less in its price.ilike c6moreeeeeeeee Nokia n97 is one of the good handset of nokia ....its a ever green cell phones website

What is the price of Nokia C503 in Pakistan?
in which price c2-03

Does the Nokia C503 Mobile have conversations?
i dnt think so

Is Nokia c6 a symbian phone?
there are two nokia c6: c6-00 and c6-01. c6-00 runs on symbian s60v5 c6-01 runs on symbian^3

Is Nokia 6760 slide a touch screen?
no, nokia 6760 slide is not a touch screen, i have one and it is good, but try nokia c6 or c7, they are better

How much does a Nokia c6 cost?
Estimated Nokia C6 price is €220. Thanks,

Is Nokia C6-01 autofocus?
yes nokia c6-01 is autofocus

What is the price of Nokia c6?
the nokia c6 is around six-hundred to eight-hundred dollars.

Can you put android in Nokia c6?
No, Nokia C6 Operates on Symbian Operating System not android.

What is the unlock code for nokia c6 locked to bell Canada?
How to unlock nokia C6 locked by bell canada

How much does Nokia C6-01 cost in Saudi Arabia?
what is the cost of nokia c6-01 in saudi arabia

How many speakers are there in Nokia C6?
it has 6 speakers that why they call it c6

Is Nokia coming out with new phone?
Yes, They will have a new phone coming out .The nokia C6 phone.it's a touch screen phone,it has 3G and it's like an N97 but better!

Can you unlock the Nokia c6?
If you want to unlock your Nokia C6 mobile phone from the network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from Prounlocking.com at reasonable price.

Does Nokia c6 has games?
yes it does! :D

When will Nokia C6 available in hyderabad?
this July 2010

What is the price of Nokia c6 in qatar?
it 909 qr in nokia showroom , that is good price ........i think so

Which nude scanner to download for nokia c6?
Hello pervert.

Can we install android software instead of nokia symbian phones like C5 C6 C6-01 C7 and Samsung galaxy s9 specs galaxy s10e specs N8?
wait for Huawei P20 Pro specs Nokia to corporate with "android" or "windows phone 7" in order to use

Can you install android in nokia c6 00?
Android can in fact be installed in nokia c6 00, as it can be downloaded on the app market and huawei mate 10 specs then installed with a third part app known as "App installer" which will isntall msk files.

Can you install android software instead of nokia symbian phones like C5 C6 C6 01 C7 and N8?
yes . install a rom

Does Nokia c6-01 have keyboard?
no it does not have keypad its totally a touch screen ..............

How much do nokia c6 lcd screen cost?
Rs. 1500-2000

Should I choose SonyEricsson Vivaz HTC Wildfire or Nokia C6 if I am looking for the best ratio price to quality or characteristics?
Vivaz, I'd say Or Wildfire. Vivaz has better camara.

What are the latest Nokia phones?
The newest and best phones from Nokia are from 2010-2011. They are the Nokia 5800, Nokia E72, Nokia N96, Nokia 86, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia N6, Nokia C6, Nokia N900, samsung galaxy s8 specs Nokia N97, and the Nokia N8. These are listed from "worst to best" (none are bad) and vary from keyboard to touch screen phones.

How much is Nokia C6-01 in the Philippines?
around 12,000 to 14,000 pesos

Does nokia C6 have a front camera?
yes it has a high quality vga camera for video call

Is C5 or C6 Corvette better?
The C6 is definitely a better choice because it is a newer model and has newer technology.

Is there is motion gaming on nokia c6?
yes, I just got done reading off of a Japanese website.

Which 1 is better Nokia 5322 or C3 Nokia?
Nokia C3 is better then the 5322 nokia.

Is Nokia c3 is better or Nokia x3?
Yes Nokia C3 is Better Then other Nokia Mobiles

Can you upload your small java programs into your new Nokia C6-00?
no you cant because they are to old to get uploads

Is there any way to add a signature at the end of a text message on a Nokia C6?
What i would try is setting your signature as a template and then insert it in every message!! I just got my Nokia and ya that works!

Which mobile phone is better the Nokia n97 or the Nokia n97 mini?
the nokia n97 is better

Can you make video call on nokia c6 without skype?
well ya if it's a different company hope this helps!!!!!!! =)

How long does it take to update a nokia software?
it took me 10 minutes to download the new Software Update for my Nokia C6-00 and 5 minutes to update my phone. Fifteen minutes all in all.

Which is better the Nokia n95 or the Nokia 5800?
The Nokia 5800 has less flaws then the Nokia n95 although that is a very good phone, the Nokia 5800 is a much better phone

Which phone is better Nokia e71 or Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic?
nokia 5800 is better than nokia e71 cause nokia 5800 its sound is very loud but nokia e71 sound is sucks

Which is better Nokia n8 or Nokia c7?
In anyways nokia N8 is better than C7 because it has got better camera quality more memory space. It is the latest one from Nokia .

Which phone is better sidekick lx or the Nokia n97?
In my opinion, Nokia n97 is better

Is nokia c3 better than iPhone 3g?
In my opinion Nokia C3 will be better.

Is Nokia 5530 better or Nokia 5233?
5530 is much much better phone

What is the best touch screen mobile to get that has good camera and isn't too expensive?
Nokia C6 Phone and if you need in UK then its free with contract deals.

Is Nokia better than Sony Ericsson?
No!! Sony Ericsson is much better than Nokia

What is better Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC One X?
Nokia lumia 900 is better

What is the feature of c6?
Some of the features of the Nokia C6 is it comes in white or black. It has Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger. It also has an accelerometer. It has SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email and IM as well. It includes GPS and Java as well as a radio.

Which is better between Nokia Lumia 520 or sony xperia e?
nokia lumia 520 is better

Is the Samsung Galaxy Appeal a good phone?
no, get a nokia brick,it is miles better, the nokia has better vibrations

What is the price of Nokia C6 in Saudi Arabia?
SR 870 in .. Riyadh - Riyadh Street - Hisham bin Abdul Malik - Park Communications - next to the STC

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