Why wont my android cellphone let me bluetooth games to my friends who are also on android

Android cellphones does not allow users to share Android apps via Bluetooth. Though, if you want to share and transfer Android apps from one Android cellphone to another, you can use Android apps which allows users to share Android app.

Why can't cellphone be use in school?
Because students need to be paying attention to what their teacher is say, and not texting their friends or playing games.

Why do you use cellphone?
For me, I use my cellphone to communicate my friends, relatives, church mates, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus specs classmates especially my parents mostly in case of emergency while I'm at school. Sometimes I use it for entertaining my self with games especially when I'm bored!!!

Can you bluetooth games?
Lol nah u can't bluetooth games, if u wanna have games in your phone you have to download them yourself.

Can you play Android 2.1 games on Android 2.2?
no. as i have a 2.2 android phone, its very hard to find games for it. The 2.2 android will not be able to support that type of game

What is better android games or java games?
Neither Java nor "Android" games are "better" in any sense; Android games run on Android (but not other systems), while Java games run on other systems (but not Android). The actual quality of the software depends on the software developers, game designers, and so on, not the tool being used.

Can you play android games on Mac?
Android games require the Android system which is not available for the Mac. There are Android emulators but they are primarily for developers to create Android software on a Mac rather than an end user product.

Can you play Facebook games on a cellphone?
Yes, you can play a few on a cellphone but not that many, try Zynga they have alot of mobile games

How can you bluetooth a song from a g1 tmobile phone to another phone?
Visit website today for the latest updates on all Android g1 apps. Including paid apps and free apps! Great games, apps, and community! Register today!

Can you send games via bluetooth from iPhone 3g to iPhone 3gs?
No you cant, games can not be sent via bluetooth between iOS devices.

What is the best puzzle Android game?
As opinions of the best Android puzzle games vary depending on when this question was asked, my suggestion is to look at Android dedicated (Android Central, Android Authority, etc.) or video game dedicated sites to see what are the best puzzle games at the moment.

Where can one go to find and play online word games with friends?
The most popular online word game is Words with Friends. This game is generally played on Facebook, but they have both Android and IPhone apps as well. Word Scramble is another popular game, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs but it is only on Android and IPhone. If you want to play classic Scrabble, you can go to Pogo, which has a good online Scrabble game.

Does droid have games?
yes any android has games

How does the bluetooth work on an ipod touch 4 generation?
the main use of the bluetooth on the ipod is for multiplayer games like Warship and games like... if you want to use it to share pictures and stuff, there are apps like "bluetooth app factory" that allow you to do that and its free

Where you can download cellphone games?
i think at myxer.com

How do you use Bluetooth on an iPod touch?
Hi, you can't bluetooth apps on the ipod touch, but you can bluetooth photos and pictures by using an app called bump, or use it to play games.

Is there any games for android supported by steam If there is please answer with the name?
Android games supported by Steam include DarkNightRJ, Insolitae, and many others.

Which is the best cricket game for Android?
I have tried many different cricket games and I found the best to be the ICC huawei honor 20 pro specs Cricket 2015. It was the official Android cricket game for the ICC Cricket WorldCup 2015. And it has the most realistic graphics, the gameplay is also good. The second cricket game that I like to play on my Android phone is the Brian Lara cricket 2007, which is not an Android game but a PSP game. It can...

How do you get Game Boy Advance games for android?
If they are available they will be found via the android app "Market".

Does the android have games?
Of course. There are tons of android games on Google Play, such as "Beetle and Eggs": website

Are there any games for android like Temple Run?
No, but temple run will be on android phone in few months

Which are the best game website ever for android?
The Angry Birds is the best games website ever for Android.

What are Android apps?
Android apps are applications designed to run on your Android device, not an Apple device. These apps include games, music, business, video, and more.

Good things about a cell phone?
1. A cellphone can be used for emergencies 2. A cellphone can be used to play games or game apps 3. A cellphone can be used to look things up on bing or huawei y6 2019 specs mate 20x specs google or any other website 4. A cellphone can be used texting 5. A cellphone of course, can be used to call

Can android games run in windows?
Yeah now you can run android games and apps on windows or PC so there is a blog for tutorial about this step by step website

Can you play blackberry games on your Android powered smartphone?
No, you can not play blackberry games on Andriod powered smartphone. Blackberry games are only allowed to play on blackberry phone, and none other phones. But there are many games on Android smartphones.

How do you put Pokemon games in cellphone?
sorry, u can't

How do you bluetooth iPod games to another iPod?
i dont think you can.

How do you connect your headset to your PlayStation 3?
On the home screen of your PlayStation 3 console, go to settings. Under accessories, there should be an icon that mentions bluetooth connectivity. It will ask you to turn on your bluetooth and, at the same time, sunc it. That will let you connect to your bluetooth and play bluetooth-compatible games.

Where can you download free games for your android?
You can download games from android market or just google them. My first choice is Google Play. There are tons of free games, such as: website

How can a mobile be connected to Laptop?
Using BlueTooth , U can send photos , videos , games and anything else to the laptop . But your Laptop must have bluetooth =D

Are there free games available on Google?
The free games available on Google are mostly Android games which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The website Tech Radar has provided a list of the best fifty free Android games, along with a summary of each.

Can you download java ona etouch android tablet?
I want to down load java on my android tablet for pogo games

How do you get games on Samsung Galaxy s?
The Samsung Galaxy S runs on the Android platform. You can get games by connecting to the internet to download apps. The apps in the Android market can be free or available for a fee.

What cellphone does LeBron James have?
he has a blackberry he says it it in one of his games 7865532979

Is there a site for your cellphone you can get FREE ringtones wallpapers games etc from?

How do you get games on the blackberry?
go to the android market duhhh

When does Gohan first turn SSJ2?
During the Cell Games. After watching the Cell Juniors assault his friends, and witnessing the death of Android #16 at the hands of Perfect Cell, Gohan snaps and transforms for the first time in history.

Alchemy game for android?
you can download it from the links I posted below this message. it's a great source for any kinds of android games

What is better blackberry or android?
Android because it becoms more and more popular, therefore you have a variaty of apps abd games to choose from!

Is there a game like town of salem but for mobile i have an android phone?
Murder city and Murder Room are 2 games that are believed to be similar to Town of Salem. Both games can be played on your Android phone.

Does Android phones supports Facebook Games?
Yes and no, if you run facebook on an android tablet with minimum 256 MB ram than you can actually play the games if you run facebook in the browser as desktop. If you don't´t have enough ram or you proccesor is to slow (minimum 0.6 ghz) than you can download some of the games in the android market :D.

What connects Wii controllers to the Wii?
The Wii remotes are bluetooth enabled. This is the reason that they can be connected to PC's with bluetooth adapters to play Wii games on Wii emulators such as Dolphin.

Is it legal to bluetooth songs from phone to phone?
Yes, you can send pictures, songs, games, videos and more things through bluetooth. It can also save you a bit of money.

Can you use a bluetooth headset to listen to Netflix movies or a CD on the PS3 or is the bluetooth headset just for video games?
Ive tried it too nothing works, but it would be nice to watch netflix with bluetooth headset so it won't bother others...

What apps or games can make me feel happy on android?
you can get some kid games to cheer you up

Does a dsi have Bluetooth?
No, but it does have wi-fi so you can browse the internet and download games.

What features does a phone have?
internet access, texting, games, videos, pictures, Bluetooth.

What are the latest tools and technologies used for android game development?
Google's Operating System - ANDROID is world's most popular platform for millions of smart phones, tablets and other devices and today it powers over 80 per cent of the smart devices all across the world. According to a study report, Android games are dominating among the numerous Android based applications with over 36% of all downloads along with 89% of all revenue on Google Play coming from games. The latest tools and technologies for android...

What mobile Java games are available for Android devices?
Some mobile Java games that are available for Android devices include Keyja, huawei Y7 Prime 2018 specs iSheep and Fifteens, Klondike, Napoleon and Hearts. The variety and type are almost endless.

What are the top 5 best selling android games?
Several of the best selling games in Google Store for Android are in the Temple Run series. Others include Minecraft, huawei y7 prime 2018 specs Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, and games in the Modern Combat and Angry Birds series.

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