ZP320-ZOPO Mobile Phone Review

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The ZP320 is one of the latest releases by the Chinese smart phone maker ZOPO. It features a quad-core MediaTek processor and a 5-inch display. Running Android 4.4, this 4G smart phone is worth checking out.

ZOPO has been making Android smart phones for several years, but this is the first time I have had a chance to review one. Earlier this year MediaTek released a new multimode LTE modem chipset-the MT6290. As a result, Chinese OEMs, galaxy s8 plus antutu benchmark a20 specs like ZOPO, have started to ship their new generation of 4G-LTE phones. I received a ZP320 a few days ago and I have been testing it to see what ZOPO can bring to the table.

For a 5-inch device the ZOPO ZP320 looks sleek, even thin. The numbers tell me that the device is the same size and thickness as many other 5-inch devices, but yet to my eyes it just looked thinner and narrower. After studying it closely I have come to the conclusion that the bezels are a fraction thinner than I was expecting and the top and bottom areas are not as wide as on other phones.The ear piece grill and camera are almost touching the edge of the phone. The result is that the phone looks more compact than it really is. We are only talking about fractions of a millimeter but it does the trick. The designers at ZOPOshould be congratulated.

The corners of the ZP320are distinctly rounded in three directions. On the front side the drop off from the corner is flat but not sharp. Running around the whole phone is a think silver band which marks the edge of the phone and the start of the back cover.

On the very top edge of the device are the micro USB port (used for charging and data transfer) and the headphone jack. On the bottom edge the smooth plastic is interrupted only temporarily for the small microphone hole. All the controls are on the right, first comes the volume keys, and galaxy a60 specs below them the power button. If you hold the phone in your left hand it is very easy to reach the buttons with your fingers. The ZP320comes with full Google Play support and huawei honor 10 lite antutu benchmark all of the normal Google Apps are available. For those Google Apps not pre-installed, Galaxy a10 specs a quick trip to the Play Store gets you everything you need.

The ZP320comes with stock Android 4.4.2 with a slightly modified launcher and a few other minor tweaks. The settings page uses color icons (rather than the standard monochrome ones) and there are a few special functions like HotKnot, a NFC alternative, some simple gesture sensing, which don't really work and smart wake functions, which allow you to draw on the screen when the device is asleep to wake it directly into certain Apps like the camera.

Generlly speaking, ZP320can always satisfy your need.

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